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Craig Branch

«Though many of their strategies are covert, there is overwhelming evidence demonstrating that the sole purpose of every enterprise of Scientology is to advance the religious philosophy of Scientology. The government must say No to this totalistic organization so as not to advance their religion.» — Craig Branch, "Applied Scientology In Public Schools?", The Watchman Expositor, Vol. 14, No. 5, 1997.

Church of Scientology: A Religious Mafia?

«Controversy continues to rage around Scientology, due mostly to the totalitarian and abusive nature of its practices. The evolution and history of Scientology raises serious and fundamental questions about freedoms and protections of religion and even what or who defines a religion. Scientology is an anomaly on even a diverse religious landscape. It does, in fact, involve religious belief (in what most outsiders would regard as science fiction). But that belief appears to have been built chiefly as a cover for exploitive commercial operations.»

Scientology: A History of Terror and Abuse

«One of its critics was senior editor for Reader's Digest, Eugene Methvin. After researching and publishing two articles in his magazine highly critical of Scientology and detailing the harassment which followed, he wrote, "Scientology is far more than a mere religion. An analysis of sworn testimony and the findings of official tribunals in 12 nations, plus independent investigation, reveals it to be a multinational racket masquerading as a religion" (The Santa Rosa News Herald, June 22, 1982, p. 1).»

Applied Scientology In Public Schools?

«Yet more and more Christians are beginning to understand the negative consequences of trying to reopen the door for the promotion of religion in schools. With the exponential growth of pluralism in our culture, especially with New Age influence, allowing religion or spirituality in the classrooms could have significantly deleterious effects. An example of this is the recent controversy that surfaced in California, where schoolteachers who are Scientologists have been using Scientology's Applied Scholastics' materials in their classrooms.»

Scientologist Lisa McPherson's Tragic Death

«Lisa's tragic story began when she joined Scientology upon high school graduation. But two weeks before Thanksgiving, 1995, Lisa "told friends that she was ready to get out." She wanted "to reunite with her mom and old friends and start a new life in Dallas."»

The Ultimate Spin Doctor: L. Ron Hubbard - The Man and His Myth

«Hubbard was a man who was able to strongly and powerfully transfix his followers and seduce them into accepting his own fantastic delusions of grandeur. He was thus able to build a multi-million dollar international empire, and one of the most controversial, totalistic, and clandestine religions in history. Scientologists have idolized and eulogized Mr. Hubbard to the point of almost god-like status. It is no coincidence that biographers of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard titled their books, L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman, and The Bare-Faced Messiah.»

Hubbard's Magic

«In a 1984 child custody case involving a Scientologist and his non-Scientologist wife, the court awarded custody to the non-Scientologist after seeing the documentation on the horrid practices of the organization.»

Scientology: Religious Tyranny

«This is partly due to the highly aggressive efforts of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs, formerly "The Guardian's Office," to squelch and intimidate anyone who dares to criticize its beliefs and practices. This includes spending $20 million annually in lawsuits, both in defense (because of the many people who claim to have been abused by Scientology) and because of Scientology's own misuse of the courts to harass and crush any opposition.»

Hubbard's Religion

«Many researchers and former members who have chronicled the origin, development, beliefs and practices of Scientology, view it more as a totalitarian, abusive, business cult, wrapping itself in the cloak of religion for reasons of opportunism and expediency.»

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