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Larry Brennan

Former scientologist.
Post as "SME" on alt.religion.scientology newsgroup.
Library: “Larry Brennan”

Larry Brennan (September 30, 2008): "What really happened with the L. Ron Hubbard biography by Omar Garrison"
[...] Then Omar dropped “the bomb”. He said that Hubbard and organized scientology were criminals, they abused the courts and had even paid off judges. He used as an example the then recent probate case that Hubbard ended up winning against his son Nibbs. Omar said that Hubbard’s legal representatives in that case were incompetent and should have lost the case due to their incompetence. He said that the only reason that they did not lose the case was that the judge was paid off. [...]
Youtube (March 15, 2008): "Interview with an Ex-Scientologist"
Larry Brennan (February 2008): "Was proud to stand with Anonymous in Boston on Feb 10!!! Some press on it with OSA's attack on Anonymous and my reply to OSA"
[...] The part where Gerard says they (organized scientology) "advocate total freedom" literately made me gag thinking of how they are built on such things as disconnection, fair game, squashing all other opinions, silencing "critics", penal camps for their own staff, financial destruction of the many and on and on with literally thousands of examples exposed all over the internet.

At this moment, all organized scientology can do in response to anonymous is lie. [...]

Hawk Radio (Jan. 2008): "The Edge: Larry Brennan" @ The Wog Blog
Larry Brennan made another appearance of the radio show The Edge to discuss the inner workings of Scientology.  Larry worked alongside David Miscavige during the period prior to L. Ron Hubbard’s death when Miscavige was grooming himself to take over Scientology.
Hawk Radio (Nov. 2007): "The Edge: Larry Brennan" @ The Wog Blog

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[14m55s] [...] It was a weekly demand in that time period in 82 where $40 million got funnelled. There was calls from Miscavige and his people every single week, "a million has got to go... half a million has got to go ... work out whatever the significance is..."

He has threatened to strangle people if they didn't do it. [...] I've seen him at the Church's international headquarter, I've seen him take a top WDC member and punch him hard in the mouth, another strangled down to the floor, another one slapped down, because they wouldn't listen to him and Hubbard. [...]

(September 2007): "Scientology in Germany: Four Days with Ursula Caberta in Hamburg and Berlin: What's It Really Like?"

[...] What I found was that Ursula and her department was constantly helping people who had been abused by organized scientology and in some cases possibly saving their very lives as many were desperate. Many of the people coming to her were terrified of organized scientology or were otherwise destitute or broken by organized scientology. I heard one story after another from Ursula and others there telling examples of who is helped by her department every week. This includes people who were financially ruined by scientology's high pressure sales tactics or by scams in WISE groups. Ursula and her department helped them get their money back or otherwise worked to help force organized scientology to right a wrong carried out against those people. [...]

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