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Carol Garrity

Former scientologist, left after 5 years.

Affidavit of Carol Garrity (21 May 1982)

5. I have personal knowledge that the Scientology organization has actively and covertly conducted operations against Attorney Michael Flynn in an attempt to get him disbarred and to destroy him and thereby eliminate him as a representative of those individuals victimized by the Scientology organization. Attorney Flynn was classified as a top "Enemy" of the Church of Scientology and I was sent numerous "orders" to "attack" him in the news media with a "black PR" campaign. [...]

11. The practice of reviewing confidential auditing files and extracting private and intimate details of an individual's life is a common Scientology practice. The data gleaned from an unsuspecting individual's file is commonly transmitted to "Flag" in Clearwater, Florida and to the California headquarters for extortion and blackmail. This practice occurs regularly. I have personal knowledge of auditing information being sent to Clearwater and California for this purpose.

Las Vegas Review Journal (Jul. 1980): "Scientology Church official quits"

The top spokesman for the Church of Scientology in Nevada, Arizona and Utah has defected from the church, causing considerable concern among Scientology officials.

Church officials are warned about her knowledge of dubious church activities, which may arouse the interest of the FBI.

Carol Garrity of Las Vegas has gone into seclusion and is shunning all direct contact with the church, a close friend of the former church official said. Garrity could not be reached for comment. [...]

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