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Martin Hunt

Former scientologist, has about 500 hours as an auditor.

Scientology in Canada / Canadian Critical Information about Scientology [Salvaged from]

Welcome to the Canadian Scientology critical information webpage. I host several other webpages about Scientology, but with all the information out there about this brainwashing cult that I used to be a member of in Vancouver, BC, from 1988 to 1989, the time has come to specialize and focus on one aspect or area of the complex global issue of Scientology. [...]

Martin Hunt, why are you on alt.religion.scientology?

Scientology is, as I know it to be based on my experience, an empty organization, devoid of spirituality, cold, and utterly ruthless. I was ordered to disconnect from my family, which I refused to do. I was ordered to stay at my post and work through Christmas, which I also refused to do. I began to see that the organization did not live up to its many promises of improvement of people; I myself was not improved, and neither was anyone else I saw in the organization. I asked Scientology's elite, Operating Thetans, to show to me some of the powers they claimed to have, and they failed miserably at this small task. Most "OTs", as they are called, were elderly, sick, feeble, dying of cancer, wore thick glasses, and were unimpressive to me, mentally, physically, and spiritually. If the top of Scientology's "Bridge to Total Freedom" looked so shabby, there was little hope for myself or anyone else in the organization. In addition, my superiors were, one and all, unremarkable people, given to fits of rage, bouts of depression, and other behaviour that did not fit in with L. Ron Hubbard's claims for his so-called "technology" and the wunderkind it was meant to produce.

What is Scientology?

Scientology is a dangerous, mindbending cult that was established in the 1950's by Lafayette Ronald Hubbard and presents a grave threat to the concepts and tenets of freedom and democracy. Scientology has, as its basic purpose, the destruction of freedom and the erosion of human rights on the way to making money; it uses any means possible to achieve this end, including legal harassment, verbal and physical threats, hiding under the cover of "religion", and thought reform so complete that to talk to anyone brainwashed by the cult is to talk to little more than the mouthed platitudes of mechanical zombies.

Who's Who in Scientology

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