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Toronto Protest: June 7 1997

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Date: Sat, 07 Jun 1997 22:17:00 -0400
From: (Gregg Hagglund)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: toronTORAH! toronTORAH! toronTORAH!

XXXX>>>>>>>> FLASH <<<<<<<<XXXX

JUNE 7, 1997.

The Toronto Contingent of Independent Critics under the catch-phrase badge title of:
S cientology
T yrannical
O perational
P olicies

Staged a *total surprise* demonstration at the Toronto Org of Co$. Police *NOT* required to forward Notice and DO NOT.

Buttnor throws bird at Police. (Bird ok, Buttnor Enturbulated)


300 RX specials given out to universally appreciative public. 240 DYIN'ETHICS 12-page pamphlets also given out. Body routers routed.

Despicable incident after police called away to handle crowd at terrible fire.

Sea Orger photoclam repeatedly attempts to photo a demonstrator who specifically informed him not to. (Once notice is given, he must desist or face possible harassment charges.) Other Demonstrators shield her with signs and pamphlets. Sea Orger *still* persists. (Duh) Demo organiser Gregg Hagglund TONE 40s "LOOK AT SCIENTOLOGY IN ACTION! SEE THAT MAN TRY TO IMPOSE HIS WILL ON THIS DEMONSTRATOR! SEE SCIENTOLOGY IN ACTION - INTIMIDATION! WHY DOES HE WANT HER PICTURE? THE SICK REASON IS HE WANTS TO INTIMIDATE HER AND INVESTIGATE HER.

Crowd gathers and is unappreciative of Sea Orger who <click> <BANG!> *keeps on persisting*. Demo organiser Gregg treats crowd and Sea Orger to RRoC PGC* TONE 100 (Tone 40 x 4). Crowd gets bigger, (20-30 bystanders). Crowd gets ugly, so we decide to escort our demonstrator off site. Demo continued for last hour with Org abandoning the field except for feeble attempts from doorway of org.

Pictures, full report, asap. URL to be announced. Check "What's New" at: As of Monday 6pm, EST June 9, for updates.

(*Royal Regiment of Canada ParadeGroundCommand)

Report to ARS will be posted Sunday June 8th, late in day.

Thanks to all who participated:

Gregg Hagglund

Helping to 'Bell' the CoS in Toronto.

S cientology
T yrannical
O perational
P olicies

Gregg SP4

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Martin Hunt / / August 22 1997