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Toronto Protest: May 10 1997 #1

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Date: Sun, 11 May 1997 01:01:30 -0600
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

Double Whammy Success!!
Double Whammy Success!!


Toronto Org Scouted on Wed. Notices of Demonstrations filed on Thursday. Religious Sanctuary and Residence egg-attacked on Friday PM.

TWO Pickets on Saturday May 10 by three Toronto ARSCCeteers (TWO OF WHOM ARE TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS PLEASE!!)

First Picket from 3:30 to 5 pm at Toronto Org.

Much counter-flyering by Co$. 150 of the Roland Xenu Specials (in gray scale, sorry Roland) whisked out of Picketers Hands by EXTREMELY APPRECIATIVE TORONTO CITIZENS!!

Co$ of Toronto releases 'Statement on Protest' specifically DAing picket organiser Gregg Hagglund by misquoting from archived posts, and misstating the registered purposes of the ESI Council and the type of Spiritual 'Exit Counseling' performed by him in his capacity as a Priest of the Temple.

Rev. Buttnor TAPED whining on protest purposes and admitting to Usenet monitoring for intelligence purposes. (He Disavows RonsAmigo.) Photos galore. Picketers star in 90 minutes of Co$ home video. Bicycle Beat Cop maintains helpful presence and watchful eye. Co$ flyers littered on sidewalk by Toronto Citizens (big insult to Co$ in Canada's cleanest city.)


Toronto Org rented 1300 seat Queen Elizabeth Theatre for 47th Anniversary of Release of Dianetics. 7:30 Show. Media invited.

Picket runs from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.with the three ARSCCeteers. Celebration is a DISASTER FOR Co$ Toronto: Only 300 clams show (*generous* head count) $5000+ on facilities wasted. *Media* *Ignores* *Event*! ARSCC Picketing Parking Valet and Tour Guide Services (WDNE) help chivy the 100+ clams with no time or direction sense into Theatre between 7:30 and 8:30 pm.

Picketers receive:

Reverend Buttocks er, Buttnor severely enturbulated!

Full details later on Sunday.

In the meantime, if someone could email me the URL for the ROLLING of ROLAND Site (last weekend's Picket photos) I would be appreciative. I want to 'borrow' the code so as to quickly web the Toronto Photo Highlights. (I is still a novice Webbielander.) I have to go to work now and then catch some ZZZs. Any Canadian legal types out there please email me. I want to check out my grounds for libel. The Co$ flyer was done in obvious haste and I think they blew it. I could use the $800,000.

Thanks to all who sent me much wise advice and encouragement, especially Ted, Jens and Martin. And Roland: thanks for the excellent Flyer! And to my two Anonymous Camarades: !!!!!

In Short: The pickets weren't perfect, but, IMHO, they went VERY well!!

More Later,


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Martin Hunt / / August 22 1997