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Notable Scientology Critics

Many of whom are former Scientologists, learn more about Scientology by reading their account.

«The reactions of individuals and groups to criticism varies from grateful acceptance or amused tolerance, at one end of the scale to a sense of outrage and vindictive counter-attack on the other. Perhaps unfortunately (especially for its adherents) Scientology falls at the hyper-sensitive end of the scale. Judging from the documents, this would seem to have its origin in a personality trait of Mr. Hubbard, whose attitude to critics is one of extreme hostility. One can take the view that anyone whose attitude to criticism is such as Mr. Hubbard displays in his writings cannot be too surprised if the world treats him with suspicion rather than affection.» — Sir John Foster, The Foster Report, 1971

[* = to be completed, many more to add, still a work in progress. Some entries highlighted: in my humble opinion, good places to start reading.]

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Adam Bjornson Author of comic strips critical of Scientology
Alan Levy  
Alan Walter Former scientologist
Alexander Dvorkin, Professor  
Andre Tabayoyon Former high ranking scientologist, left after 21 years
Andreas Heldal-Lund Prominent critic, owner of the famous website
Anne Marie Dunning Former scientologist, ex-EO/HCO Executive Secretary, Church of Scientology Buffalo
Anne Rosenblum Former scientologist
Anonymous A collection of essays/accounts from anonymous individuals
Ariane Jackson Former scientologist, attained highest available level, OT8. Left after 17 years
Arnaldo Lerma Prominent critic, former scientologist, 10 years inside
Astra Woodcraft Second-generation (former) scientologist, ex-member of the Sea Org
Barbara Graham Long time critic
Bent Corydon Former scientologist
Bernie Headley Critical of Scientology, many family members are still in Scientology
Bill Franks (also William Franks) Former scientologist. Former international executive director of the Church of Scientology.
Birgitta Dagnell Harrington Former head of the Church of Scientology’s OSA for Europe
Bob "Da Sloth" Bingham Critic
Bob Penny Former scientologist, left after 13 years
Bonnie Woods Former scientologist, former Sea Org staff member
Bradley Woodward Critic
Brendan Moore Former scientologist
Brian Ambry Principal researcher for Bent Corydon's book "L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman" [ref]
Bruce Hines*  
Brock Chrisholm*  
C. H. Rolph Author of "Believe What You Like: What happened between the Scientologists and the National Association for Mental Health"
Carol Garrity Former scientologist, left after 5 years
Caroline Letkeman Former scientologist, left after 24 years
Catarina Sandström Pamnell Former scientologist
"Cerridwen" A scientologist in good standing reporting to the wog world
Cheryl Sola Former scientologist, left after 13 years
Christopher Evans, Dr. Psychologist and computer scientist ("Cults of Unreason")
Christopher Wood Canadian critic
Chris Owen British historian, many well-sourced essays and analyses about Hubbard and Scientology.
Christopher Reeve Actor
Chuck Beatty Former scientologist, left after 27 years
Cornelius Krasel*  
Craig Branch Wrote numerous Scientology articles in The Watchman Fellowship
Creed J. Pearson Former scientologist, left after 26 years, victim of disconnection
Cynthia Kisser Former Executive Director of the Cult Awareness Network
Cyril Vosper Former senior officer scientologist, author of The Mind Benders - Scientology
Dan Garvin Former scientologist, 25 years in the Sea Org, 10 years in OSA
David Bird Long time critic
David Bromage*  
David Cook Former scientologist, victim of the Church's disconnection policy
David John Carter Former scientologist, ex-Sea Org member
David Gerard Long time critic
David Graham Former scientology, ex-Sea Org member
David Mayo?*  
David Rice Civil rights and human rights activist
David S. Touretzky, Dr. Prominent critic, Research Professor at Carnegie Mellon University
Deana Holmes Critic
Debra Barnes*  
Dennis Erlich Former high-ranking scientologist, left after 15 years
Diana Mertz Hsieh*  
Dilbert Perkins*  
Dominique Bar  
Don Larson Former scientologist
Don Lindsay Long time critic
Donna Shannon, Dr. Former scientologist
Ed Hattaway Chiropractor, former scientologist
Edward Walters Former scientologist, left after 9 years
"Emma" Former scientologist
"ewsnead" Former scientologist, insightful writings
Ford Greene Anti-cult lawyer
Frank Copeland  
Frank Gerbode Former scientologist, former head of the Palo Alto mission
Frank Notaro Former scientologist
Frank Oliver Former scientologist
Fredric L. Rice Long time critic
Gabe Cazares Former Mayor of Clearwater
Gary Weber Former scientologist, ex-member of the Guardian Office
Geoffrey D. Falk*  
George Malko Wrote, produced and directed television shows and documentary films and wrote articles for Saturday Review, Glamour, Mademoiselle, Holiday and Esquire.
Gerald Armstrong Prominent critic, former scientologist, left after 12 years
Glen Stollery Owner of web site
Glover Rowe, Dee Rowe Dentist who was brought along with his wife into Scientology through the front organization Sterling Management Systems
Grady Ward*
Graham Berry Attorney
Greg Barnes*  
Greg Hagglund*  
Hana Whitfield (Eltringham) Former scientologist, left after 19 years
Dr. Hans-Gerd Jaschke*  
Harriet Whitehead*  
Hartley Patterson Long time critic (U.K.)
Helen O'Brien  
Homer Schomer Former scientologist and Treasury Secretary of ASI
Ida Camburn Her scientologist son disconnected from her
Ildiko Bajnoczi Former scientologist, reached OT 8
Ingo Heinemann Author of Die Scientology-Sekte und ihre Tarnorganisationen (Scientology and its Cover Companies)
James McGuigan "An inside view of the Scientology reality tunnel"
James Randi James Randi is best known as the world's most tireless investigator and demystifier of paranormal and pseudoscientific claims.
James Taylor* "Satan's slaves, and the bizarre 'underground' cults of California" ref
Jamie Kennedy Great-grandson of L. Ron Hubbard, critical of Hubbard and Scientology
Jane Scott* Former scientologist
Janice Hayward Took many Scientology courses, did not obtained the promised results, sued the Church of Scientology
Janie Peterson Former scientologist, former member of the Guardian Office
Jeff Jacobsen Long time critic, former member of a cult, writer
Jeff Lee Long time critic
Jenna Miscavige Hill Former scientologist, and notably, niece of Scientology leader, David Miscavige
Jens Tingleff  
Jim Beebe*  
Jim Lippard  
Jesse Prince Formerly the 2nd highest ranking officer in Scientology's Sea Org
Jim Bianchi Author of A Basic Scientology FAQ
Jim Samuels* Author of The Official Handbook for Ex-Scientologists
Jim Siegelman*  
Joe Lynn Long time critic
Joel Sappel Deputy business editor for the Los Angeles Times
Johan Wevers*  
Johannes Aagaard, Ph. D. Cult expert
John Dorsay Canadian critic
John Duignan Former scientologist, left after 20 years
John Gordon Clark, Dr.* Victim of "dead agent" and "fair game" policies because he criticized openly Scientology
John Forte Author of The Commodore And The Colonels, an account of Hubbard's attempt to take over the island of Corfu
Sir John Foster*  
John A. Lee*  
John Marshall Canadian reporter
John McLean Former scientologist
John Peeler ("BTs2Free") Former high ranking scientologist
John H. Richardson*  
John Ritson Critic
John Saunders* Canadian reporter
Jon Atack Former scientologist, left after 9 years
Joseph Cisar Author of a thesis about Hubbard
Joseph Mallia Investigative journalist
Joseph Martin Hopkins  
Joseph A. Winter*  
Joseph A. Yanny (Joe Yanny) Lawyer representing the Church of Scientology, until they asked him to illegally obtain confidential medical records
Julie Christofferson Titchbourne Former scientologist, sued the Church and Hubbard for 43-million $
Kady O'Malley  
Karen [Schless] Pressley Former scientologist, left after 16 years, 9 years as staff member. Author of a book titled Escaping Scientology.
Karin Spaink Dutch writer and free speech activist, stood her ground against the Church of Scientology, and won.
Karl-Rainer Blumenthal Critic
Karsten J. Lorenzen Former scientologist from Denmark
Kathryn Descieux Dianetics, Scientology, and the American People: America’s Attitude Towards L. Ron Hubbard’s Creation, 1950-1975
Keith Henson Long time critic, fair gamed
Kelli Ayed Former scientologist, left after 13 years
Ken Rose Former scientologist
Kendra Wiseman Former scientologist, and notably, daugther of Bruce Wiseman
Kenneth Robinson Former British Minister of Health, target of a smear campaign by the Church of Scientology
Kima Douglas Former scientologist.
Kim Palmer Critic
Kristi Wachter Long time critic
L. Rick Vodicka Author of "An Illustrated History of Scientology"
Larry Brennan Former scientologist
Laura Kay Fuller Author of a thesis critical of Scientology
Laura Miller* Stranger than fiction
Laurel Sullivan Former scientologist, left after 15 years.
La Venda Van Schaick Former scientologist, left after 9 years
Lawrence Wollersheim Prominent critic, former scientologist, left after 11 years
Lawrence Woodcraft Former scientologist, ex-member of the Sea Org
Leo J. Ryan Congressman, killed by cult members in 1978
Lorna Levett Former scientologist
Louis Jolyon West M.D., Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA School of Medicine
Louise Cook Former Australian scientologist
Lyle Stuart Lyle Stuart was an American independent publisher of controversial books
Magne Berge Former scientologist, Norwegian. Sued the Church of Scientology and won
Marc Headley, aka "BlownForGood" Former scientologist
Margaret Singer Clinical psychologist
Margery Wakefield Former scientologist, left after 12 years. Authored four books
Mark Bunker Critic, owner of Xenu TV
Mark Ebner Investigative journalist. Editor for Drastic Media
Mark Plummer Former Sea Org executive, left scientology after 14 years
Mark Sommer Staff reporter for the Buffalo News
Martin Gardner Author of "Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science"
Martin Hunt Former scientologist
Martin Ottmann Former scientologist
Martin Poulter  
Martin Samuels Former scientologist
Mary Johnston Former scientologist, sued the Church of Scientology, settled out of court
Mary Tabayoyon Former scientologist, Member of the Sea Organisation for 21 years
Michael Flynn Lawyer involved in many lawsuits against the Church of Scientology, victim of Scientology's "fair game" practice
Michael Henderson Former scientologist; IAS Patron (donated at least $40,000 [ref]); reached OT 8
Michael Linn Shannon Writer
Michael Pattinson Former OT8 scientologist, left after 24 years. Now an active critic.
Michael Reuss Critic
Michael Robinson*  
Michael Leonard Tilse Former scientologist, left after 27 years
Michael Voytinsky  
Mike Goldstein* Former scientologist (
Mike Gormez Prominent long time critic
Mike Krotz Long time critic
Mike O'Connor  
Modemac Long time critic
Monica Pignotti Former scientologist, wrote a book of her experience
Reverend Murray Luther Scientology insider, 30 years in
Maurice Burrell, Rev.* "Scientology: what it is and what it does" ref
Nan McLean Nan McLean is an ex-Scientologist from Ontario. In the 1970's she was a major target for Scientology Fair Game
"Nefertiti" Former scientologist, had to escaped from the RPF
Patricia Braine Former scientologist, left after 15 years
Patrick Jost Tried Scientology for a while, then left after he realized that Scientology's wild claims are just that, claims
Patty Pieniadz Former scientologist, left after almost 30 years
Paulette Cooper Author, wrote a book critical of Scientology
Peik J Strômsholm Student of Theology, law student
Perry Scott Former scientologist, long time critic
Pertti Muhli Former Australian scientologist
Peter Alexander Former scientologist, left after 20 years
Peter Fordes*  
Peter Reichelt* Writer
Phil Scott Former scientologist
Pierre Collignon Danish newspaper reporter
Priscilla Coates* Worked for the former Cult Awareness Network
Rich Dunning Former scientologist, ex-Deputy to the Executive Director, Church of Scientology of Buffalo
Richard Behar Investigative journalist
Richard Shand*  
Rick Branch Wrote numerous Scientology articles in The Watchman Fellowship
Rick Ross Cult expert
Robert Dardano Former scientologist, former member of the Guardian Office
Robert Todd Carroll The Skeptic's Dictionary
Robert J. Cipriano*  
Robert Geary Dentist, was brought to Scientology through the front organization Sterling Management Systems
Robert Gillette*  
Robert Kaufman Former scientologist
Robert Rawitch*  
Robert Vaughn Young Writer, former scientologist and public relation officer for the Church of Scientology, left after 21 years
Robert W. Welkos Staff writer for the Los Angeles Times
Roland Rashleigh-Berry Former scientologist, left after 5 years
Ron DeWolf Former scientologist, son of founder L. Ron Hubbard
Ron Newman Long time critic
Ron Sharp Long time critic
Roxanne Friend Former scientologist. She was led to believe that Scientology could cure her cancer
Roy Wallis Sociologist, author of a study: "The Road to Total Freedom: A sociological analysis of scientology"
The RPF Insider [see ARS]
Russ Baker Investigative journalist
Russell Miller Journalist and writer
Scott Mayer Former senior-executive scientologist, left after 12 years
Scott McClare Canadian critic
Scott Pilutik Long time critic
Scott Yeager Former scientologist
Sean Ostler Former scientologist
Shawn Lonsdale Critic
Stacy Brooks Young Former scientologist, GO/OSA staffer, left after nearly 15 years
Dr. Stephen A. Kent Professor Stephen A. Kent researches new and alternative religions
Stephen Koff*  
Steve Hassan*
Steven Fishman Former scientologist, left after
Stewart Lamont English religious studies scholar, journalist and broadcaster
Stuart P. Derby Critic
Susan Simmel Former scientologist
Suzette M. Dearing Former scientologist
Tanya Lennox Durni Scientology critic, victim of the Church's disconnection policy
Tanya Neujahr Former teenager scientologist
Tawnya Fondren  
Ted Gunderson* Former head of the FBI's Los Angeles office
Tera Hattaway Former staff member scientologist
Teresa Summers* Former scientologist, left after 20 years
Thomas Gandow*  
Tilman Hausherr Long time critic
Tom Klemesrud  
Tom Padgett Former scientologist, target of fair game practice after he left
Tom Voltz Former scientologist, author of Scientology With(out) an End
Tonja Burden Former scientologist, spent five years in scientology as a teenager
Tony J. Bosnakoudis Critic from Greece, author of New Order Mercenaries (in Greek).
Tony McClelland*  
Tory "Magoo" Christman Former scientologist, left after 30 years
Ulf Brettstam Swedish psychiatrist
Ursula Caberta*  
Valerie Emanuel Long time critic
Vicki Aznaran Former senior executive scientologist, left after 15 years.
Vickki Ford Former scientologist, victim of the Church's disconnection policy
Walter Martin Author of "The Kingdom of Cults"
William Barwell Long time critic
William S. Bainbridge* Writer of "Satan's Power"
William S. Burroughs American writer, tried Scientology for a short time
Yolanda Howell Former scientologist
Zane Thomas Former scientologist
Zenon Panoussis Free speech activist, posted the infamous NOTs to alt.religion.scientology in 1996
Zoe Woodcraft Second-generation (former) scientologist, ex-member of the Sea Org
[lot more to add...]  
Daniel Deimerts* Sweden (site went offline, and the web archive has been blocked...)
Jean-Luc Barbier Former scientologist, web site in French and English
Martini Allarme Italian critic
Mickael Tussier  
Peter Schilte Critic (Dutch web site)
Roger Gonnet Former scientologist, long time critic
Wilfried Handl Former Austrian scientologist, left after 28 years
EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation "Legal Cases - Church of Scientology" Archive
FACTnet Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network
The Rick A. Ross Institute  
Australia Report of the Board of Enquiry into Scientology
Canada The Lee Report on Dianetics and Scientology
Greece For the time being, linking to Tony J. Bosnakoudis
New Zeland The Commission of Inquiry into the Hubbard Scientology Organization in New Zealand
United Kingdom*  
Council of Europe*