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Scott Mayer

Former senior-executive scientologist, left after 12 years.

City of Clearwater Commission Hearing: The Church of Scientology - Day 4, Scott Mayer


Was that about when your car was blown up?


No. That was 1978, and I had been moving around.

In addition, several Guardian's Office members appeared at friends of mine's houses looking for me during the trial. In fact, the day before I was supposed to appear, I got a telephone call from a Karen Kyper, who had — was originally out of the Minneapolis Organization and married to Bob Kyper, also a Guardian's Office staff member. She and another girl harassed a friend of mine down at Laguna Beach; they were trying to get in touch with me before I went in and testified.

The other areas that I would like to cover with you, is how Scientology actually operates against the best interests of the community and, possibly, touch on some things that I think would help you in the incredible job you've got of making ordinances out of all this. So, I'd like to get back to the use of various telex equipment and so on and so forth.

During the course of my time in Scientology, as senior executive, I was on call twenty-four hours a day. I could be on course in Los Angeles and be ordered into briefing because a set of Flag Mission Orders had come in, ordering me to Austin, Texas or Boston or Florida or South Africa. And I'd have about fifteen or twenty minutes to get my stuff together and get into briefing.

And, incidentally, one of my jobs when I first got into the upper level of the executive structure was briefing couriers on how to get things in and out of the country. I'm — I probably have a hundred briefing tapes of people, couriers, that I briefed on how to-get through the various immigration and customs officials, postal officials, attempts to get things out of the country. I have been personally involved with people who have brought money in and out of the United States.

My ex-wife and I smuggled two thousand dollars worth of rand apiece into this — into Clearwater on our last mission from South Africa in 1976.

Lermanet presents Scott Mayer

Born July 25, 1943 in Chicago, IL to Lillian Hickstein Mayer and Harry Mayer. He spent most of his childhood in Wisconsin, attending high school in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. He served his country in the Navy and was in Vietnam.

 He is survived by his mother, his daughter Jenifer, grandson Zendl, and sisters Melodi, Amy, Kim and Barbie.

Clearwater Sun: "Witnesses Tell of Break-ins, Conspiracy" by Steven Girardi

In his last mission with the church, he said, he and his wife smuggled $200,000 in Krugerrands into the country from South America.

Mayer said he went into hiding for three years after leaving the sect, until he was found by the the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS used Mayer as a witness and consultant in the 1978 U.S. Tax Court trial concerning sect financial practices between 1968 and 1971, he said.

Mayer, who maintains a secret address, said he came to the hearings because going public may offer him some protection.

"I think enough light has been shed on the church that they'd have to be fools to starting knocking people off," he said. "I don't intend to run from Scientology the rest of my life."

He warned commissioners that they have become "active enemies" of the church. "That's when they start getting (personal background) data together," he said.

And he told the stunned panel that he was "small potatoes" with the church and "there are people I know who have things that could really curl your hair, but they are afraid to come out."

Making God Swallow His Laughter:  A new perspective of the goals of  L. Ron Hubbard, the man

The most dangerous aspect of the Scientology programming is I believe, the attack on your own actuality. You are convinced that an integral part of your own beingness, your link to the rest of life, DNA, are degraded beings impinged on you, and in fact make up your body. Without realizing it, you are attempting to blow off your own body, and to add insult to injury you are paying Scientology and the Hubbard-heads to do it. The fact of the matter is that it is a form of suicide and they've convinced you that it leads to total freedom. Get it, everything thing that you as a synergetic physical entity possess is supposed to be there. Your job, as a so-called thetan, is to learn how to use it in a loving, synergetic manner to create more joy in life between yourself and the rest of all-that-is. I don't believe that the creator was wrong, I just think that L. Ron Hubbard was a person who could never be right unless he made every other living human being wrong.

Affidavit of Scott Mayer (9 March 1994)

22. While I was in the Sea Org, I was instructed to kill another human being by the Scientology organization. At the time Scientology had an office on Beacon Avenue in Los Angeles, very close to McArthur Park. I was called in for a briefing by Alex Sibryski. At that time, Scientology had a ranch at Rosarito in Mexico which was being used as a nursery, a place for overflow kids that could not be housed in Los Angeles and a place to grow fruits and vegetables. Mexican bandits were allegedly harassing and hustling the ranch and stealing produce from it. Jerry McDonald and I were asked to put together a mission to go down to Mexico, take some infrared optics and some guns and rifles, wait for the Mexican bandits to attack the ranch again and then take care of them. We were told to kill them if necessary. I received these orders from Alex Sibryski. At the time he was Commanding Officer Flag Operations Western U.S. ("F.O.L.O.W.U.S."). This was part of Scientology's elite Sea Organization. I was the Operations Officer at Flags Operations Liaison Office at the time and it was my job to write the mission orders for this thing and get us all briefed and ready to go. We figured that if we "took out" the bandit leaders the rest would disband. It took 24-48 hours to get this done and in the course of that time I never saw any written dispatches on this but the mission was then canceled by Alex Sibryski. He said that there was a governess in-charge of the ranch and that the bandits had tried to attack her at the place and she had shot the bandit leader with a shotgun through the door and taken care of the problem.

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