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Patty Pieniadz

Former scientologist, left after over 27 years.
Former Executive Director of Narconon Connecticut.
Former Director of Rehabilitation for the Church of Scientology.

Used to post as "Cerridwen" on alt.religion.scientology.
Key contributor to Kristi Wachter's Scientology service completions database.

Scientology library: “Patty Pieniadz”

"There comes a time when everyone has to stand up and just say 'Enough!'" — Patty Pieniadz, in the "The Many Moods of Vince Daniels"

Hello, My name is Patty Pieniadz
My name is Patty Pieniadz, I am an Ex-Scientologist and I've been an on and off lurker on a.r.s. for a couple of years.

After reading what OSA has been doing to Chuck Beatty and witnessing his strength and courage, I have decided to delurk and tell my stories.

This post is my "short story".  I have written up more of my stories in Scn and will post them soon.

Stop-Narconon: "Narconon Director Quits. Warns Our Community!"

Patty Pieniadz's flyer at
Executive Director Narconon Connecticut
I can emphatically and truthfully state that they only people that completed the Narconon program and "stayed off drugs" were those that became Scientologists.  It was always one of those never written about but completely understood by Narconon staff, that unless the person became a Scientologist and did the Scientology Drug Rundown, then there was really little chance that they guy would permanently stay off drugs.  The unwritten final step of the Narconon program was to acknowledge you were a Scientologist.  At that point, you were considered to be rehabilitated, but up until you acknowledged that you wanted to be a Scientologist and study Scientology it was considered that you probably revert.
Going OT
When I arrived home I found out that the promise of pay for $1000.00 a week had never happened and that I was in the process of being evicted from my apartment, my lights and phone were shut off for non payment and I was 3 months behind in my Delphi tuition and all the monthly payments for all the credit cards were now overdue as well.  These credit card payments came over to $1000.00 a month.  Anne had paid me very little during the time I was at Flag.  This bunch of ethical OT's had crashed stats while I was gone and of course no one would dare tell me about my financial situation because that would have cause entheta and a distraction while I was on the OT levels.
Stealing trash for OSA
It's been a long time since I stole some trash for the Church of Scientology's Office of Special Affairs (OSA).  In Scientology, stealing trash is called the D line.  Both the Guardian's Office (GO) and the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) liked to use euphemisms to rename those activities that tended to be shady or offensive to people outside of the shadowy world of Scientology.  I worked for both.  I was a member of the Guardian's office from 1979 to 1982 and held the post of Director of Rehabilitation, Social Coordination Bureau, New England (Boston org).  For this post I was responsible for running, controlling, and managing, 2 Narconon's, the 2 Applied Scholastics and the 2 LRH-tech schools that were in the New England area.
The Guardian's Office
The GO was extremely concerned about "plants" and being infiltrated by "suppressive people" and "government agents".
 Some of the other things that were needed in the CSW were attestations from a Scientology Technical person that I made "case gain" which mean that I made personal gains from Scientology auditing, or in the real world means that I was deeply indoctrinated in the Scientology belief system.
The harassment of Bob Minton
You just had to trust that this was the most ethical group on the planet and you did what you were told because they were doing this to help Scientology.

Apology to Robert and Therese Minton and their children.

I was a dedicated Scientology for almost 30 years and when they convinced me that there were SP's out to destroy Scientology that at time I felt I was doing an ethical and brave thing. Of course, in retrospect, when I realized Bob was just speaking out against what he saw were abuses by Scientology, I was filled with shame and regret for my actions.

    Boston Skeptics (May 26, 2008): "Boston Skeptics in the Pub -Patty Pieniadz"

May 2008's guest speaker is Patty Pieniadz, an ex-Scientologist who left after over 27 years. She was once the Executive Director of Narconon Connecticut and Director of Rehabilitation for the Church of Scientology. More info:

Australia Network Seven (April 4, 2008): "Today Tonight: Narconon"

[Here is Part 2]

Société Radio Canada (April 2, 2008): "Le Téléjournal: Narconon" (French)

[With English subtitles (unofficial translation). Transcript available.]
New Haven Register (February 2008): "Activists decry attempt to quash Cruise video"
[...] Some, but not all, of the protesters Sunday have histories with the religion and want to warn other people against joining.

“We want to let people know that Scientology is a destructive, harmful cult,” former Scientologist-turned-protester Patty Pieniadz of New London said Sunday.

A member of the Church of Scientology for 27 years, Pieniadz said she joined the religion when she was 18 years old to battle a drug addiction. After working for many years in the organization’s Office of Special Affairs, which she claims investigated so-called enemies of the church, Pieniadz became disillusioned and left. For her defection, Pieniadz said the church put her name and picture up on a Web site and posted embarrassing financial information about her past. Sure enough, Pieniadz’s picture and story are posted on a Web site called, along with about 50 other people it labels “anti-religious extremists.” [...]

Radar (January 2008): "What Tom Cruise Was Talking About in That Scientology Video"
Baffled by some of the terminology in the Tom Cruise Scientology video? During the brief period it was available here yesterday, commenter Patty Pieniadz provided a handy guide.

"I was a Scientologist for almost 30 years and I can translate what Cruise is saying," wrote Pieniadz. "He's speaking 'Scientologese,' which is a bogus language that Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard made up in order to assist in the indoctrination of his followers." [...]

KCAA 1050 AM (Feb. 2007): "The Many Moods of Vince Daniels: Narconon Stonehawk" @ Xenu TV
[Unfortunately, the video was removed when Youtube canceled Mark Bunker's account.]

Patty Pieniadz, former director of Scientology's Narconon Connecticut facility, explains Scientology's control of the drug rehab program [on Vince Daniels's radio show.]