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Monica Pignotti

Former scientologist, left after 5 years.

My Nine Lives in Scientology

As painful as my experiences were, I am very happy finally to be free, once again, to make my own choices in life. However, some people weren't so fortunate. Quentin Hubbard, L. Ron Hubbard's son and a very close friend of mine, committed suicide at age 22 because he could see no way out of the trap he was in. Having been born into Scientology, he could not envision living outside of the cult, but could not stand living in it. It is too late for Quentin. He is gone and no one can undo that the damage that was done to him, but it is not too late for others. If writing this gives someone the insight to get their loved one out of Scientology, then perhaps, my years in Scientology will have served some purpose.

Affidavit of Monica Pignotti (29 September 1989)

I also witnessed a fourteen year old boy being locked up in the chain locker of the ship, where he was made to spend the night. The chain locker is a small dark space where the chain to the anchor to the ship is stored when the ship is not at anchor. The boy was being put in the chain locker by three teen-age L. Ron Hubbard messengers. I witnessed this happening several times to people, even though I never experienced it myself.

BLAMING THE VICTIM by Monica Pignotti

By the time I discovered the truth about Scientology, it was too late; I was so indoctrinated at that point, it was unthinkable for me to ever conceive of leaving. Wanting to leave, I had been told, meant that I had crimes against the groups and thus, humanity. If I left, I believed I would be doomed to a spiritual death and stay in the trap of the planet earth forever -- a fate I thought was worse than anything that could ever happen to me within the cult. I became an unwitting prisoner of a totalistic environment. I was a victim.

Monica Pignotti's Skeptic and Anti-Quackery Blog

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