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Mark Owen Plummer

Former Sea Org executive, left scientology after 14 years.

My Scientology Certificates, Awards and Sea Org Contracts

Many have correctly observed that Scientology disingenuously states that former high ranking Scientology executives were mere 'clerks' or that they held 'a low position' in the cult. This page will not only show my posts held, but it will also thoroughly document my accomplishments during the eight years I spent in Scientology's 'inner elite' core known as the 'Sea Organization'. I hope you will find this page to be both interesting and informative.

How Scientology Justifies Locking People Up In Isolation

With regard to the treatment by Scientology toward "Type Three PTS" (insane) persons, Hubbard said: "The Type Three PTS is mostly in institutions or would be." He recommends that in the treatment of psychotics, "one must disconnect the person from the environment" and further states that "The task with a Type Three is NOT treatment as such. It is to provide a relatively safe environment and quiet and rest and no treatment of a mental nature at all." In fact Hubbard even went so far as to state that placing the crazy person in a room, with nothing but an object, such as a rock, would cause an insane person to "rise in tone"! This is Hubbard's "scientific method". What else does the one-time science fiction writer have to offer? Read on.

Scientology lied to me over and over for years

But the fact is that Hubbard wrote a policy letter called "Leaving and Leaves" in which he stated that "People leave because of their own overts and withholds. That is the factual fact and the hardbound rule." So naturally, everyone on the technical "lines" (posts, or positions) had to find out what "terrible things I had done". This just goes to show the level of robotism when applying Hubbard's "tech".

What does Scientology say about the raising of children?

From Aides Order 203-71 of 28 August 1981:
"Also people forget that exact HCO PL [Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter] Ethics has to be kept in especially on children. They have to be hatted [indoctrinated into Scieno-think]. And that many need their own child MAAs [Master at Arms, or Ethics Officers], again hatted. Twice, true Suppressives, though only 5 [years old] in one case and about 6 [years old] in another absolutely ruined not only the other kids but also every effort to put it to rights and one org also! By sheer psychotic covert violence."

— L. Ron Hubbard, as quoted by Larry Price, Sea Org Evaluator, Approved by the Watchdog Committee for the Board Of Directors of the Church [sic] Of Scientology of California

My Letters From "L Ron Hubbard" and Others

This page contains some of the letters I received from "Ron". Actually, it is more correct to say that these are letters I once believed to have been signed by L. Ron Hubbard. I also include two letters from Mary Sue Hubbard, the Controller (aka Commodore's Staff Guardian, or 'CSG'), and one from Jane Kember, the Guardian World Wide.


All staff and students in Scientology must keep statistics as required by voluminous policies on this subject. Your "stat" will be used as a measure of your "production" for the cult, and punishments are given if your statistics are not continually uptrending. This is an important aspect of keeping staff working harder each week than the week before. Additionally, some have correctly observed that by having to spend so much time thinking about whether your "stats" will be up every week, the member's attention is distracted away from pondering his own situation in regards to his personal life, goals, dreams and happiness, etc.

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