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Ron Sharp

Long time Canadian critic.
Ron Sharp's web site.

Ron Sharp's home-wiki and critical site in a box

I feel that Scientology is an organization that deserves a lot of criticism. Who wants some?

FrontCite archive of Scientology in the media

Welcome to the FrontCite archive of Scientology in the media references with summaries of news articles, links to the source stories and citation information for use with Wikipedia.

See Timeline for a chronological list of articles.

Tentacle list of Scientogy-related domains

As well as adding domains, I've been gradually adding the toll-free "800" numbers which are great for running through search engines and for detecting stealth Narconon sites that never mention who they really are. (Note that sometimes sites put the phone numbers in a jpg/gif. Now why would they do that .. unless they're trying to hide something from the search engines?) [...]