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Scientology fronts: financials


"The real stable datum in handling tax people is NEVER VOLUNTEER ANY INFORMATION [...] The thing to do is to assign a significance to the figures before the government can [...] I normally think of a better significance than the government can. I always put enough errors on a return to satisfy their bloodsucking appetite and STILL come out zero."

L. Ron Hubbard, Organization Executive Course, Vol. 3, p. 63

"I have been privy to financial schemes and scams involving tens of millions of dollars. I also know how Scientology manipulates the law to avoid any revelation of the truth."

Robert V. Young, Affidavit of Robert Vaughn Young (9 March 1994)

"148. In December of 1992, Miscavige directed that we hide a large number of sea containers of financial records relating to the Church and himself. The sea containers were to be hidden from the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS" IRS investigators were scheduled to visit the Hemet base to inspect the records of various Scientology organizations in connection with the IRS's investigation of the various church of Scientology entities that had applied for Section 501(c)(3) tax exempt status."

Andre Tabayoyon, Affidavit of Andre Tabayoyon (5 March 1994)

"Tonight we're going to expose serious financial crime in one of the Scientology cult's most successful operations in Britain. We show how they cooked the books, made false statements to obtain bank loans, and changed invoices to fiddle their VAT."

The Big Story - The S File (hosted at XenuTV)

"I actually saw the area on the Apollo where the Guardian's office financial people were engaged in a massive invoice altering project."

Scott Mayer, Affidavit of March 9th, 1994

"HOMER SCHOMER was formerly Treasury Secretary of ASI (Author Services Inc.) and his lawsuit names Hubbard, ASI, and includes David Miscavige and Pat Broeker who had subjected him to a ten-hour 'Sec-Check' and threatened him that he would go to jail when he showed reluctance in doing his job. This was to prepare fictitious invoices for services rendered to ASI by Hubbard."

— Stewart Lamont, Religion Inc.: the Church of Scientology, p. 143

"Allard held the position of banking officer for the United States "Mother Church" in Los Angeles until June 8, 1969, when, he said in court testimony, he fled the church after a superior urged him to alter $1.25 million in receipts so as to make it appear that the money had been received by a tax-exempt portion of the church rather than a nonexempt entity."

— LA Times, "Scientology critics assail belligerence"