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AK (United States)

AZ (United States)

CA (United States)

CO (United States)

CT (United States)

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FL (United States)

GA (United States)

HI (United States)

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(Netherlands Antilles)

Alberta (Canada)

MB (Canada)

ON (Canada)

QC (Canada)


(United Kingdom (UK))

Greater Manchester (United Kingdom (UK))

London (United Kingdom (UK))

South West England (United Kingdom (UK))

Sussex (United Kingdom (UK))

West Midlands (United Kingdom (UK))

West Sussex (United Kingdom (UK))

WSX (United Kingdom (UK))

Eastern Cape (South Africa)

Gauteng (South Africa)

KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa)

NSW (Australia)

Victoria (Australia)


“Statement of ownership” refers to evidence which documents who owns a particular real property. See this as a placeholder until document(s) of an actual transaction become available.