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Delphi Schools, Inc.

Basic information
Name Delphi Schools, Inc.
Scientology-linked? Yes
Type Non-profit (secular)
Life span Dec 31, 1973 – ...
Status Active
Jurisdiction Oregon (check...)
Stated purpose
"Delphi Schools, Inc., is an Oregon nonprofit corporation, organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. It is exempt from tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986." (2005)
Directors, officers, trustees, and key employees (as of 2007)
Agrillo, Maria Head of admissions, Santa Clara
Bader, Susan Former director
Dale, Karen Business manager, Los Angeles
Didear, Rosemary Vice president, headmistress
Garrison, Ellen Day Schools director
Green, Marcy Headmistress, Santa Clara
Hollander, Janet Dean, Sheridan
Kertchem, Heather Deputy director of curriculum
McKevitt, Jeanne Head of finance, DSI
Nosko, John Secretary, treasurer
Nosko, Julie Business manager, Sheridan
Ott, Gregory President
Ott, Suzan Development officer
Phelps, Donetta Head of admissions, Sheridan
Reinhart, Mary Headmistress, Los Angeles
Ripp, Gerald Estates manager, Sheridan
Rothe, Alan Vice president
Siegel, Linda Dean of students, Sheridan
Siegel, Mark I. Public affairs
Toth, Leslie Headmistress, Santa Monica
Wehner, Suzan Dean, Santa Clara
Wiggins, Bruce Promotions and tours, Sheridan
Wiggins, Marti Re-enrollment registrar, Sheridan
Other name(s)
"Estates Services"
Delphi Academy of Los Angeles
Delphi Academy of San Francisco Bay
Delphi Academy of Santa Monica
Delphian Foundation
Delphian School
Heron Books
International Institute of Education
Northwest Research
The Delphian School
From the library
“Delphi Academy of San Francisco Bay”
Financial information
At a glance
Received from...  Paid to...
Phocis, Inc. (1999-2007)$6,266,274$249,999Phocis, Inc. (2001-2002)
The Bryan and June Zwan Foundation, Inc. (2003-2004)$16,000
Total received $6,282,274$249,999 Total paid

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