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Church of Scientology International (CSI)

Basic information
Name Church of Scientology International (CSI)
Scientology-linked? Yes
Type Non-profit (religious)
Life span Nov 19, 1981 – ...
Status Active
Jurisdiction California (check...)
Stated purpose
“The corporation shall present and propagate the religion of Scientology as founded and as it may be further developed by L. Ron Hubbard to the end that any person desiring participation or participating in the religion of Scientology may derive the greatest possible good from the increased Spiritual awareness of his imminent and imortal soul. The corporation shall forward and enhance its external activities in the material world through application of the corporation's religious guidance and ministration.” (1981)
Directors, officers, trustees, and key employees (as of 2005)
Other name(s)
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Financial information
At a glance
Received from...  Paid to...
Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization, Inc. (FSO) (1989-1992)$69,646,572$483,429Citizens Commission on Human Rights (1988-1991)
Church of Scientology Religious Trust (1990)$20,081,195$377,685Association for Better Living and Education International (1990)
Church of Scientology Western United States (CSWUS) (1988-1991)$17,361,347$251,185Église de Scientologie d'Angers (1990)
Flag Ship Trust (FST) (1991)$6,244,633$247,763Scientologi Kyrkan I Stockholm (1989-1990)
Scientology Missions International (SMI) (1989-1991)$6,010,679$218,168Church of Scientology Religious Education College, Inc. (1988-1990)
Foundation Church of Scientology Flag Ship Service Organization (FFSSO) (Netherland Antilles) (1989-1992)$3,487,426$146,601The Church of Scientology Inc [Australia] (1989-1990)
$134,712Church of Scientology of California (1990-1991)
$130,117Église de Scientologie de Paris (1990)
$127,652Church of Scientology of Toronto (1990)
$108,988Scientology Kirche Berlin E.V. (1990)
$108,114Church of Scientology Advanced Organization Saint Hill Europe and Africa (1989-1990)
$91,069Scientology Kirche Basel (1990)
$89,091Church of Scientology of New Zealand (1989-1990)
$77,986Scientologi Kirken Norge (Oslo) (1990)
$76,680Scientologi Kyrkan I Goteborg (1989-1990)
$72,647Church of Scientology Western United States (CSWUS) (1988-1990)
$60,590Church of Scientology of British Columbia (1990)
$54,506Église de Scientologie de Genève (1990)
$54,020Church of Scientology of New York (1989-1990)
$51,754Scientology Kirken Jylland (Denmark) (1989-1990)
$51,275Scientology Kirche Osterreich (Vienna) (1990)
$50,306Church of Scientology of Michigan (1990)
$47,916Scientology Kirche Celebrity Centre Hamburg E.V. (1990)
$46,476Église de Scientologie de Lyons (1990)
$44,252Scientologi Kyrkan I Malmo (1989-1990)
$42,672Scientology Kirken Kobenhavn (1990)
$40,930Scientology Kirche Dusseldorf E.V. (1990)
$40,855Église de Scientologie de Québec (1990)
$39,615Asociation Civil de Dianetica (Spain) (1990)
$35,900Hubbard Foundation Scotland (1990)
$35,021Church of Scientology Battle Creek (1989-1990)
$34,051Church of Scientology of Kansas City (1989-1990)
$33,000Church of Scientology of Orange County (1988)
$32,441Church of Scientology of Long Island (1990)
$31,079Church of Scientology of Buffalo (1990)
$30,775Église de Scientologie de Saint-Étienne (1990)
$28,000Church of Scientology of Ohio (1990)
$27,248Scientology Kirche Bern (1989)
$26,500Church of Scientology of Alberta (1990)
$26,218Church of Scientology of Ottawa (1990)
$23,611Scientology Kirche Bayern E.V. (Munich) (1988-1991)
$21,624Church of Scientology of Winnipeg (1989-1990)
$20,025Asociation Cultural de Dianetica (Valencia, Venezuela) (1989)
$19,499Église de Scientologie de Clermont-Ferrand (1990)
$18,305Instituto de Dianetica (Lisbon) (1990)
$16,230Scientology Kirche Hamburg E.V. (1990)
$16,134The Church of Scientology of Orlando, Inc. (1990)
$15,867Church of Scientology of Texas (1990)
$12,500College of Dianetics and Scientology (Tel Aviv) (1990)
$10,586Church of Scientology of the Valley (1988)
3 more entities$15,000$23,0125 more entities
Total received $122,846,852$3,904,680 Total paid

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