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Narconon Western United States

Basic information
Name Narconon Western United States
Scientology-linked? Yes
Type Non-profit (secular)
Life span Dec 23, 2004 – ...
Status Active
Jurisdiction California (check...)
Stated purpose
"The corporation is organized to operate exclusively for charitable purpose by providing management of Narconon drug rehabilitation facilities and activities, and to direct and coordinates activities making the public aware of the problems associated with drug and alcohol abuse and the solutions for these, in the Western United States area, through the use of technology researched and developed by L. Ron Hubbard." (2005)
Directors, officers, trustees, and key employees (as of 2007)
Dion, Luria K. Chief executive officer, president
Huston, John Director
Kent, Nicholas Chief executive officer, president
Kobrin, Michael Director, vice president
Penn, Joshua Director
Stearman, Jon Director
Worthington, David Chief financial officer, treasurer
Other name(s)
From the library
“Narconon (aka Scientology drug rehab)”
Financial information
At a glance
Received from...  Paid to...
Narconon International (2005-2006)$474,182$140,139Narconon Fresh Start (formerly, Narconon Southern California) (2005-2007)
$100,750Narconon International (2005-2007)
$73,000Narconon - Hawaii* (2007)
$26,850Narconon Nepal (2007)
$17,200Narconon Hastings (UK) (2007)
$68,42518 more entities
Total received $474,182$426,364 Total paid

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