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Golden Era Productions

Basic information
Name Golden Era Productions
Scientology-linked? Yes
Type Non-profit (religious)
Life span n/a
Status Not researched
Stated purpose
“Golden Era Productions plays a vital role in the expansion of the Scientology religion, furnishing it with a wide variety of dissemination items. Gold produces films, video tapes and laser discs at its in-house film studio for introducing the religion to the general public and films which depict different aspects of Scientology religious technology vital for the training of auditors. Virtually all of the steps of film production, save final laboratory work and printing, are conducted at Gold's Hemet location. There are plans to construct, equip and operate an on-site film laboratory in the future.

“Gold also produces booklets, brochures and posters, including still photography and artwork for the religion. It produces radio and television spots and feature-length programs for use in proselytizing the faith. Musicians on Gold's staff compose, arrange, record and mix hymns for the religion and provide music soundtracks for films, videos, and radio programs. Gold also provides the technical personnel, videos and music to stage internationally televised events on major Scientology holidays.

“Gold makes many of Mr. Hubbard's nearly 3,000 recorded Scriptural lectures (including transcripts) available to the religion by mixing, editing and reproducing them on high quality tape cassettes and may in the future also provide them on compact discs.

“Gold also produces E-Meters, a religious artifact which measures the mental state or change of state of a person receiving auditing, for use by auditors around the world. E-Meters are essential to most auditing sessions and are precision instruments made to exacting specifications to achieve uniform and reliable performance. Auditors send their E-Meters to Gold at least once every two years to ensure they meet all specifications, are properly functioning and for any needed repairs. [...]

“As noted above, Gold is an ecclesiastical body housed within CSI. A more detailed description of some of Gold's dissemination products is contained in the attached catalogue, The Path To Truth, Ron's Recorded Legacy of the Tech. (Exhibit 16.)” (1992)
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