Biased Journalism Vol. I, issue 4

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Biased Journalism Volume I, issue 4 November 20, 1995


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The rumor that David Miscavige, head of the church of scientology, will be deposed in the lawsuit brought by the Religious Technology Corporation [RTC, an arm of the church of scientology] against Arnoldo Lerma, Digital Gateway, the Washington Post, Richard Leiby and Marc Fisher lawsuit is true. He will be deposed by attorneys for Lerma and Digital Gateway.

A date for the deposition will be set within a week. If the parties fail to agree, the Judge will set the date herself. The location will be in a place chosen by the defendant's law firm, probably in the city of Los Angeles.

The church struggled desperately to prevent this outcome. When the deposition was first asked for, the RTC made a motion to quash the deposition. The motion was opposed by the attorneys for Lerma and Digital Gateway. A hearing was held on the subject last Thursday before Judge Leonie Brinkema, who denied the motion to quash.

The RTC then made a request for an emergency hearing to quash the deposition. The emergency hearing was held on the following Friday. The request was denied. This is apparently a final decision.

The RTC vs. Lerma et al. lawsuit is scheduled to go to trial on January 29, 1996. It should be interesting.

Stay tuned.