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Biased Journalism Volume 3, issue 1 February 12, 1997


Read at your own risk. This is Biased Journalism!


Police action is imminent in Florida. The State Attorney's Office has just agreed to issue search warrants and subpoenas for the Clearwater Police to use in the Lisa McPherson death-by-dehydration case.

As this is written, search warrants are being prepared.

There is no doubt that the media attention given to the case of Lisa McPherson, who died from dehydration while in the custody of the church of scientology, played a role in the decision. The Internet has become a prime mover in public affairs.

The true facts of McPherson's death will soon be revealed.

[And the sound of the shredder was heard abroad in the land-- ed.]


With the Lisa McPherson case making headlines, the Medical Examiner has been going back in the records and looking at other suspicious Scientologist deaths in the area.

One such death was of a Swiss citizen, Peter Ernst Frei, 37 who arrived June 8th, 1988 from Zurich, Switzerland to visit Flag Base. He was found by a fisherman floating in the intercostal waterway between Dunedin and Clearwater's north island on June 30, five days after being reported as missing. Peter's body was shipped home with "cause of death" being "drowning," and "manor of death" being "unknown."

[Perhaps a.r.s readers can identify who he was, and why he was there- ed.]

A former Sea Org member called the Florida authorities in the wake of Lisa stories and related an interesting story about the way he left Scientology. It seems that while on one of the Scientology ships out in the ocean he woke up one morning and said to himself "what the hell am I _doing_ here?" He made the near fatal error of telling them he was leaving and was overboarded. Fortunately, he was able to swim a considerable way to shore where he faded into the population, but as far as he knows, Scientology officials think he drowned.

Sources report that a few days ago Medical Examiner Dr. Wood and her administrative assistant were deposed by a scientology lawyer in the Scientology suit to extract information about what the ME office knows about Lisa's death.

The US based reporters for Der Spiegel are said to have been moving every night while in the Clearwater area. Paranoia, but it might be justified. From what is known, their reporting has causes a near panic at the Ft. Harrison. (A translation of the recent articles, please?) The constant moving makes it hard for those with interesting tidbits to make contact. Get an email address, will you fellows, and post it here or send it to the usual place.


We would welcome an interview with the Der Spiegel reporters.

Readers who have information on Lisa McPherson, Peter Frei or other matters in this Bulletin are encouraged to contact us.

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