Declaration of Ed Hattaway

26 Feb 2001

I, Edmond Hattaway, declare as follows:

1. I am over the age of l8 years.

2. The statements herein are of my own personal knowledge and if called up as a witness, I can testify competently thereto.

3. It has taken me 7 years to sort through the chain of incredible lies and deceit that duped me out of a fortune and nearly ruined the lives of my family and me. I have decided to come out and state for the record the truth about our financial ruin, all mind you, at the hands of Scientology.

4. I was introduced to LRH technology through the single most lucrative dissemination line for the cult: WISE. This group, which touts itself as a business consulting organization, focuses its resources primarily on doctors. Particularly chiropractors and dentists

5. As a 3rd year chiropractic student, I was introduced to WISE by way of a chiropractic "opinion leader" who taught seminars to students on a particular treatment technique. This guy was held in such high esteem that virtually anything he said was taken to heart by the students. He personally told me that I should read Dianetics.

6. I did and then began to seek out other successful chiropractors who were using "the tech". I found several in my local area who were with a Clearwater-based WlSE organization known as David Singer Enterprises.

7. It should be stated that this group and Sterling Management (which caters primarily to dentists) were at that time, and most probably still are today, the largest FSM (Field Staff Member) organizations in all of scientology. FSM organizations disseminate Scientology to their public and receive a 10% commission for the services that their recruits pay for.

8. The trap I fell into personally, professionally and financially was not set by some wide-eyed cult follower with a message about zenu the intergalactic warlord. I stepped into the mess by following doctors who I saw as successful and as leaders in the field of chiropractic, dentistry and business management!

10. I was introduced to a local mission. Then to a larger org. I was indoctrinated into the concept that if I went "clear" I would be more successful, etc. I ventured on this journey. Borrowing money from my college funds and bank to pursue that self-improvement ideal that would ultimately make
me successful.

11. Looking back, I guess I was prime for this. After all, what is college but an investment in personal improvement that will hopefully lead to greater success in life? So, I fell for the idea that, since I had no real business training, I should listen to what these other successful people had to say. I
went into hock, in the coming three years as I was beginning my career, to go up the Bridge.

12. At the time, I was an associate doctor with another scientologist-chiropractor. He and I became the best of friends and he reinforced my commitment to go up the bridge.

13. By my third year in practice, I was already $20,000 in additional debt, with nothing to really show for it. I then purchased my own practice and began working out of the financial hole I had been digging for three years. I was nearly out of debt when I started getting reged for the OT levels.

14. It was explained to me that if I really wanted to become free and able, I would have to address this OT case. I was also introduced to the "L" rundowns. These were touted as super powerful OT boosters that would bring out super OT abilities and expand one's "havingness" (a term which translated into more of everything in life-money, relationship, productive capacity, etc.)

15. I started sending a "flow" to FSO of $500 to $1000 per week toward my OT levels. I then began to put plans into the works to leave my office and stay at FSO for between 4 and 6 weeks to get onto my OT levels. I took out a second mortgage. I did a lease buy-back on my office equipment. I maxed out all 4 of my credit cards. I borrowed money on some of my father's property. This was all encouraged as "just a drop in the bucket", after all my super-duper OT abilities were going to create such abundance in my life-happiness, productivity, financial success, etc.

16. I put over $50,000 into Flag's coffers for these services in 1994 alone. Totaling nearly $70,000 since 1989.

17. I started my OT preps and Solo course at FSO. My business immediately began to fall apart. I opted at that point to leave and handle my business. It was then suggested by the reg that I should get my "L's" instead.

18. I did L-11, the new life rundown and L-12 the OT executive rundown. While at FSO I felt great! My business was in utter ruin at home. I left FSO with the idea that with all my OT ability now unleashed; I would just turn that office around and soar to highest-ever levels of productivity, income and happiness in life!
19. The exact opposite occurred. The practice continued to crash. I went back to Flag for 4 different reviews in the following 4 months. Things kept getting worse. My wife and I decided to just stay away for awhile and see how things went. We couldn't afford to "fix" me anymore. We had to hang in there and make things happen.

20. The only problem was MY NEW LIFE. I was stressed out, burned out and under EXTREME financial duress from the creditors who had loaned me money to buy my super OT abilities! I fell 6 months behind on my mortgage(s), my office rent, my equipment lease and my van. Over the next two years I accumulated over $30,000 in back taxes. We were drowning in debt. Even with all my super-duper OT ability (NOT!) I was incapable of producing at my previous level!

21. In 1997, within a one-week time span, we gave up our home and our office and all of our equipment and moved into a Suburban Lodge with my wife and three small children Now isn't THAT OT!

22. We couldn't even afford to stay at the inn so we talked my parents intotaking us in. We told them that we bad made some bad investments (if they only knew!) Here I was, in my mid thirties, a (formerly) successful chiropractor with a wife and three children, living with his parents. Boy, these OT abilities are something, wouldn't you say?

23. My parents said we could build out an apartment in their basement and live there until we got back on our feet. It is now 2001 (4 years later). We are still in the basement. Our OT abilities are really bursting at the seams!

24. I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America and the state of Georgia the foregoing is true and correct.

Executed in Douglas, Georgia this 26th of February 2001.

Edmond E. Hattaway

First Letter

Sent: 2/9/2001

Church of Scientology
Flag Service Organization
P.O. Box 31751
Tampa, Florida 33631-3751


Dear Sirs:

It has taken me six years to have the realization that lots of things I heard at the FSO were lies. I paid $68,696.93 to your organization for a promise that you could not fulfill. There are many others who have had traumatic experiences doing one or more of the L's. Whether you knew it, didn't know it, denied it or forgot about it, you SHOULD have known it. Furthermore, you should have done something to remedy it. This is known as FRAUD.


Your organization made claims and promises of all the good things that happen to us pc's after we do your high priced services, and just like a drug to a junkie, who feels great while he is on it- but afterward comes the crash.

I remember vividly what the reg, Paul Hickock, said to me after sucking $51,362.93 for the "L's" and set-up auditing in 1994 out of my bank account, "You won't regret it for a second." He was right, in a very odd way; I didn't regret it for a second… I have regretted it for 6 years.

In my Pre-L life: I owned a nice home on 3 acres and ran a very successful chiropractic office. I was nearly debt free. I had outstanding credit and I had savings in the bank. My wife and three children were happy and we were able to afford a modest lifestyle with no financial worries.

Here's how things played out after the "Fabulous L Rundowns" for Ed Hattaway: When I came home from Flag my business was falling to pieces. A staff member of seven years was quitting and my volume and income was 25% of its previous trend. I was 50,000+ in additional debt with no savings or reserves and rock bottom lowest ever income.

I went back to Flag 4 times in the next 6 months for repair after repair and review after review (all at my own expense, mind you). My stats continued to crash. Within weeks of returning from Flag I began to be hounded by creditors. I remember the knock at my door at 2am on a Sunday. It was a man coming to repo my van.

I shortly thereafter fell 6 months in the rears on my mortgage, my office equipment lease and my rent for the office. I was served with eviction notices on my home and office. I had my office equipment repo'd and moved out of both my office and home within 7 days of each other.

My wife and my three kids and I moved into a Suburban Inn! Then we moved in with my parents.

Here's the scenario: A formerly successful doctor and family man with excellent credit goes to his church for advanced services which he is told will help him to be more successful in life and business. (I think the reges words were "a production rocket-ride", or some such bullshit). The doctor does these services and his world falls apart immediately. Now he's a 38-year-old bum who has his wife and kids living in his parent's basement.


I will never forget the tone of disbelief that my CPA resonated when he saw what I did with all that cash. Or the washed-out look my mother gave me when I told her I was flat busted.

Scientology may help a percentage of people, but it ruins people's lives too.

I used to think it was me. I was really introverted on this. (NOT exactly the "Stabily Exterior OT Phenomena" that was promoted in the brochure). You know, all the success stories of ALL the winners who did the L's, blah, blah, blah…

I started getting in comm via the internet (the true universal solvent-it works so good it even cuts the veneer of horse refuse off of the "Church" of $cientology) with other former scientologists. Guess what? We all had similar stories!

You assholes don't make OT's- There are NO OT's- just a bunch of poor broke saps with ruined lives. Oh yeah, they smile in the brochures, but take a picture of them a year later. Some, if not many, mortgage their entire LIVES and you could give a piss.

I am never going to be done with you until I get my money back. I will spend whatever time it takes to end this nightmare and get on with my life.

Probably Scientology's most important statistic is the number of people who are dissatisfied and distrustful of Scientology. That stat went up on an exponential curve in the 60's and 80's, and it is on that same trend again.

LRH policy states that criminals take things without fair exchange. That is what happened to me with Scientology – you took my money and ruined my life.

I have to face my parents, my wife, my children, my former employees, my banker and my CPA knowing Scientology tricked me out of $68,696.93 between 1988 and 1996. I don't have to complain to anyone, all of these people know my situation was caused by Scientology's ineptitude and deceit. Even if they don't think about it every month, over a period of time, each of these people will tell 5 or 10 more people about Scientology. Thus, Scientology's highest statistic by far is the number of people who are dissatisfied and distrusting of Scientology.

Ed Hattaway

Tera Hattaway

Douglasville, Georgia 30133

2nd Letter

Church of Scientology
Flag Service Organization
P.O. Box 31751
Tampa, Florida 33631-3751


Dear Sirs:

It has been 4 years now living in the basement at my parents home. I STILL have $cientology debts to service. My pre-L excellent credit rating is now a post-L disaster.

I am not going away. Like Samuel Jackson said in his role in Pulp Fiction (starring another big sucker, J.T.) "I'm a mushroom cloud laying mother fucker every morning when I wake up to the smell of mildew in my parent's basement."

I know your tactics well. You think I will go away. I guess I would if I didn't have the constant daily reminders of the incredible lies that your sleazy, corrupted band of thieves sold my wife and me.

I remember the mindset of the hypnotic trance that was $cientology for me. It was an implant that gave the command, "How do I make more money so I can do more $cientology???" It was a repetitive command. It was all that went through my mind for ten years.

I finally broke the trance and woke up. Now, I am fueled by a tenacity and drive to recover what I lost.

On L-11 I got a new life: A life of financial and personal ruin for 5 years.

I want my old life back.

L-11 and L-12 are implant processes that can destroy lives. They may help some people, but they certainly mess up many, many others. Ala Lisa McPherson. Now there is a great example of the Tech as altered by the current regime. Talk about squirrels. If one is in $cn, one does not really have to look very far to find squirrels. The staff at Flag was going to save her from psychiatry, but they allowed her to die at Ft. Harrison (or was it the Hacienda?) instead. What a great move! Whose bright idea was that? I am fortunate that I did not end up dead and cremated like her so no one could find the real reason for my death either.

When I reluctantly share my story with others who are not in the cult (reluctant because I feel like such a fool for ever having bought into your scam) they are amazed that I bought it. I am amazed that I fell for it.

It seems that there are many others who $cientology has let down also. Tom and Nicole are splitting up. Yet, $cn claims to fix marriages and hold them together. I guess the tech didn't work for them either.

Battlefield Earth was the worst movie of the 90's if not the century. It was booed all over the US and Europe. Even with $cios buying tickets in bulk, it was still a disaster. What happened to the tech there?

Graham Berry has recently won another case brought against him by $cn.

Lying and deception don't pay. It is a violation of the PR Series: Don't tell lies in PR. If you want evidence, of lying, cheating, blackmail, obstruction of justice, look up Robert Cipriano on the net and read his declaration. Oh, I forgot, if it is on the net, it can't be true. How convenient! That really keeps people under control, doesn't it? $cn does have a great propaganda machine, doesn't it? Wasn't it Abe Lincoln who said, "You can fool some of the people all the time, all the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time." What, you say, who was Abe Lincoln? I guess the uneducated are the easiest to fool all the time.

Read George Orwell's book, 1984. You will recognize the tactics of $cn in it. It was egregious what that society did to its citizens just as it is egregious what $cn does to those it touches.

How about the death of Stacy Moxon at Gold? Do you really expect that $cios and ex $cios would buy the story she was looking out for a squirrel and went down into that electrical well? And she was wearing a black boiler uniform? Trying to save a squirrel while wearing a black boiler uniform. Really? Only the most loyal, unobservant and uneducated staff member would take that story to heart. If one has any analytical ability, that story would be suspect from the start. I hope the proper authorities are continuing to monitor all the $cn compounds.

I guess that there is one lesson I have learned from $cientology that will serve me well in this endeavor: Don't Q & A. Just keep on focus to recover what is rightfully mine. I am willing to make a video and send it out telling my story. You know, when people see those real honest, down to earth videos, they begin to wake up and see what I have seen, that $cn is a big scam.

I am considering putting up a web site to let people know there is another dissatisfied L's completion. I would venture to guess that 85% to 90% of the L completions went crazy to some degree after doing the L's.

I don't expect any 15-year-old robot who reads this letter to be able to relate to my experience. Refund my $68,696.93. I will get my life back in order and our fight will be through.

Ed Hattaway Tera Hattaway

Third Letter:

Church of Scientology
Flag Service Organization
P.O. Box 31751
Tampa, Florida 33631-3751


Dear Sirs:

Here I am again, assholes.

To the pubescent punk that is reading this rant, you should look at the old books and compare them to the new books. I have a collection of the "by L. Ron Hubbard" books. They are thin. I also have the "L. Ron Hubbard Library" versions. They are thick. Not only that, they are altered in actual text and words.

You know, even if Ron could have created workable tech, the bastards in upper management would have re-written it! No wonder the L's don't do what they claim. No wonder there are no OT's. No wonder there are not any Clears out there paving the way for new recruits. Hell, Tommy pretty boy Cruise can't even stay married to Nicole. He's OT what? Great stat, Tommy boy. But then $cientology is full of great stats.

Another great stat is there is always an answer for everything. Too bad the answers are wrong. I guess a person who really used his analytical mind would see the held down 7's. It is too bad those hard working staff can't see through the held down 7's. But the fact is, the tech has been altered since LRH died. I know you would like everyone to think he "ascended". HE DIED. HE'S DEAD. NEW MANAGEMENT HAS TAKEN OVER AND THEY ARE CHANGING WHATEVER THEY WISH TO CHANGE TO SUIT THEMSELVES. And you poor dupes are falling for it. If LRH were to return today, no one would let him in the org! He would be sec checked into oblivion
and become so deranged that he would end up like Lisa McPherson.

Now, that is almost what you did to me. I am certain there are many others who have had this same experience. OT3's, OT 5's, OT7's, L's completions. I am going to make it my personal business to find as many of these people as I can and do whatever I need to do to rally them to stand up against the abuse we all had from Flag.

What a complete and utter fraud. If it weren't so obvious to the outsider this scam called the Church of $cientology would make a great movie. The con is so devious.

I kept quiet for many years because I was afraid of losing my spiritual freedom-what a dichotomy- Fear/Freedom. What a diabolical trap. No one at Flag  has ever had spiritual freedom. You can't even define it. You say it like a bunch of dilettantes. It is just another glib phrase that rolls between your  lips and makes you feel special while you slave away 16 to 18 hours a day trying to get your stat up by 2:00 PM on Thursday. That is not spiritual freedom. Most of you are too scared to enjoy life, too scared to think about what is wrong, too scared to confront your life. There is no one in $cientology who can confront $cientology. You have to get out of $cientology to confront it. That is
why there are so many ex-members and non-members who stand up to this organization that loves to call itself a church. They do confront it every day. The stats in $cientology have gone down year after year. Your PR may be a little better in a few places, but the truth is that the stats are down because of poor service.

What you do is practice Psychology without a license and medicine without a license. You think because you read somewhere in some obtuse writing by L. Ron Hitler that the mind can heal itself no matter what is done to it that you can do anything you want to people and they will be all right. I can tell you for a fact that just is not so. Lisa McPherson would tell you the same thing. In fact, she probably did tell you that over and over again. It would not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. She wanted to leave and you kept her from leaving. That is really a church-like act.

I was so dumbfounded by your rhetoric that I paid you over $68,696.93 to fuck my mind over and then I came back for more. I am not dumbfounded anymore. I have woken up. I am mad as hell. What you did to others and me is unconscionable.  Did you know there are no LRH trained Class XII's in the SO anymore? Know why? The tech sucks. It has been squirreled. It will continue to be squirreled. $cientology has now become a fighting machine. It fights those who wish to have
morality and integrity. It fights its own members to get more money out of them. It fights its own staff who work so diligently, and it humiliates these same staff if the stats aren't as high as someone thinks they should be.

I could get my entire Bridge-If I even wanted it- for pennies on the dollar from class XII's in the field who were personally trained by LRH.

Not that you give a shit or even know that you should give a shit, but the Golden Age of Tech has created robots who just ask the same question over and over again. There is no thought on the part of the auditor about what is really happening with the PC. There is no understanding on the part of the auditor about what is really happening with the PC. What the Golden Age of Tech auditors
do is so against the original LRH HCOB's that he would RPF every staff member just for being involved this perversion and not stopping it. He would be screaming for weeks if he knew what has happened since his death. David Miscaviage and his top techies would be banned from $cientology forever for their crimes against him, his writings and the human race.

I want my old life back, you pricks. I want the $68,696.93 you coerced and intimidated from me and my wife. I have other things to do with my life, but right now it is on my checksheet to recover my hard earned money you scammed out of me. As long as that item remains open on my checksheet, I will also be doing whatever I can to see that as many others as possible will get to know the
horrors of $camitology.

So just send me my money so I can go to my next item on my checksheet.

Ed Hattaway

Fourth refund request letter to Scientology

Ed & Tera Hattaway
Post Office Box 1171
Douglasville, Georgia 30133
Phone 770-774-0364
Fax 770-920-0364

March 30, 2001
Church of Scientology
Flag Service Organization
P.O. Box 31751
Tampa, Florida 33631-3751
Dear Mr. Stilo,

These are the LRH policies I am familiar with regarding refund of money to dissatisfied public. Aren't these the official church policies regarding refunds? Have you guys stopped using ALL of the technical and administrative policies by L. Ron Hubbard?

In HCO Policy Letter 23 October 1963 "Refund Policy", L. Ron Hubbard wrote:

"...I have always promptly and imMediately caused to be refunded every penny of the money paid by any person who was dissatisfied with his or her processing."


"I have only worked then with these three policies:

1. Refund at once in full any refund demanded;
2. Work hard with tech staff to ensure good results;
3. Forbid the sale of further processing to anyone receiving a refund and make the case known to Scientologists."


"A tough refund policy injects aberrated stable data against the confusion of bad or poor technical service. A mild refund policy keeps [the] technical [division] on its toes."


"The new policy then is:

1. Refund any fees when and as demanded whether for training or for processing;

2. Refuse further and all future training or processing to
anyone demanding a refund as the condition of refund;"

HCO Policy Letter of 31 July 1966 "Refund Notice", by Hubbard says:

"It is IMPORTANT that every posted scale of fees and every rate card bear the following notice prominently displayed at the bottom:


I am very dissatisfied, to say the least. I want all moneys paid to FSO by myself and my wife REFUNDED in their entirety: $68,696.93

Ed Hattaway

CC: Internal Revenue Service
Attorney General Florida
Better Business Bureau
Federal Trade Commission
Florida's Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services
National Consumer League, Consumer Fraud Division
Department Of Justice Investigations Division,Miami Field Office.

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