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From: (Robert Vaughn Young)
Subject: Re: The death of Mike Rinder's baby
Date: 1998/02/03
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Organization: Eskimo North (206) For-Ever
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Martin Ottmann ( wrote:
: >>Martin Ottmann <> wrote in article
: >On Friday, 30 January 1998 Garry Scarff <> wrote:
: >>Who has specific information about the death of Mike Rinder's baby 
: >>in 1980. Her name was Kimberly and she died after living just 7 
: >>days.
: >>I have the information that the cause of her death was DEHYDRATION 
: >>(sic!).
: >>Who is able to confirm that? Who knows more about that?
: >Is this how you spread the truth about Scientology, Martin? By 
: >spreading hearsay. Knock Mike Rinder for his role in Scientology, but 
: >please don't spread garbage only intended to hurt someone that was 
: >quite bothered by the death of their child.
: I didn't intend neither to spread hearsay nor to hurt Mike Rinder's 
: feelings. I just intended to gather information about that incident.
: From your reaction and others I realize it was a mistake to post that 
: request on ARS. I apologize hereby.

Mike Rinder's child died from what is usually (in the US) called "crib
death" which is merely the still-unexplained phenomenon of newborns
or very young babies suddenly dying for no reason. 

What may not be known is that Rinder was in Los Angeles when his child
died in Florida. He requested a leave to go to his wife. DM refused it and
Rinder was told to stay at work. He did and he rightfully carries the
memory to this day of how DM treated the death of his child. 
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