Plaintiff's Exhibit #214c in Dandar disqualification hearing

November 10, 1998

Daniel Leipold, Esq.	
Leipold, Donahue & Shipe			

960-A West Seventeenth Street
Santa Ana, California 92706
Re: Brian Haney	TO D. LEIPOLD, ESQ.
Dear Mr. Leipold,	VAULT 13IN J4 BIN-J4C

		I have received your letter of 28 October 1998 concerning Mr. Haney's demand
for a return of donations.

		You misunderstand the function of the Claims Verification Board.  CVB is
a service furnished to Churches of Scientology by the Mother Church, and
its purpose  is to verify that claims made for refunds or repayments are
brought in accordance with Church policy.

		CVB has received no routing forms for Brian Haney's claims from the Church.
It is not a justice matter, nor does it have anything to do with public relations.
It is Church policy to which he agreed.

		Upon verification of the amounts claimed from the Church, the CVB will
either disapprove or approve each of Mr. Haney's requests for the return
of donations.

		The Church is certainly prepared to meet you in court, if you prefer, where
evidence of our refusal to advise your client can be presented along with
his written agreement to follow the procedure available to him to obtain
his refund.

Very truly yours,

Elliot 1. Abelson
General Counsel
Church of Scientology

EJA/sg cc: Samuel D. Rosen, Esq. Eric Lieberman, Esq.

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