Plaintiff's Exhibit #35 in Dandar disqualification hearing

From: (Stacy Brooks Young)
Subject: Take your best shot, DM
Date: 1998/11/16
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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

Gerard Renna was waiting for Bob and Jesse at the Boston airport when they
arrived tonight at 6:30 for their flight to England. 

How did he know when Bob and Jesse were leaving? 

The last time Jesse and I were at the Boston airport (on October 12), Gerard
Renna and Maureen O'Keefe appeared miraculously at our gate to engage us in some
"real communication" about how we could maybe resolve our "differences." Maureen
wanted to do lunch -- funny, we said we'd be delighted but we've never heard
from her again..... 

Anyway, during our "real communication" Gerard told us he is the new DSA Boston,
since Maureen refuses to be on staff any more (can't blame her, can you?)

So here's Gerard, on a Sunday night, dutifully waiting at Bob and Jesse's gate
so they will be sure to know that he knows (and that means DM knows) what flight
they are on to England. No doubt they will be greeted when they arrive in London
as well. 

But here's a message for you, DM: 

What a mature, rational, Maintsteam position you are taking publicly to the
indictments in Lisa McPherson's death. How responsible, how proper, how...
predictable you are. You are doing the same thing in this indictment as you did
in 1978 when the indictments came down on Mary Sue, Jane Kember, and all the

"Oh dear," you said then (throwing up your hands in theatrical dismay), "what a
terrible thing has happened! A small, renegade, criminal band of rogue
scientologists has broken the law, totally unbeknownst to us, and we are
mortified, I tell you, mortified, that this has happened! I'm personally kicking
all of them off staff and I assure you, nothing like this will ever happen

It worked then, DM, and you're planning the same thing for the Lisa McPherson
indictments. It's obvious from Rinder's statements about how "this should never
have happened at the Fort Harrison..." I had to laugh at that statement. He sure
is right about that! It should have happened at Marshall Goldblatt's house in
Topanga Canyon, where all the other really hot Type 3 isolation watches happen,
like Cat Morrow's, because`there they can scream as loud as they want to and no
one can hear them, and no matter how much they harm themselves -- even if they
die -- no one outside of scientology ever finds out about it.

But somebody really screwed up on this one, didn't they, DM? And now you're
going to stage another purge, just like you did in 1981, as if LRH didn't direct
all the criminal actions that Mary Sue and the other "GO crims" went to jail
for. As if you and Ray Mithoff don't direct all the Type 3 isolation watches to
make sure they don't blow up the way Lisa's did. 

You and Ray were in on the Lisa McPherson "handling," weren't you, DM? You're
the ones who screwed up, aren't you, DM? But you're not planning on anyone ever
finding out about that, are you? You're planning on putting a few heads on pikes
just to show how noble and concerned you really are that "nothing like what
happened to Lisa will ever happen again." And it's true -- you intend to make
sure that no one else who dies during an isolation watch will ever be known
about by the outside world. 

But here is what I have to say to you, DM. Jesse and I are both going to testify
in the McPherson trial. We did isolation watches together out at Int, remember?
Remember Theresa, DM? Remember how you were overseeing her handling on a daily
basis, you and Ray, to make sure she didn't become a PR flap?

So listen, you go ahead and send your goons to England to intimidate and harass
Jesse and Bob. You get Peter Franks and David Lee and all your other PIs to go
after Bob's friends and do everything they can to frighten them. You use your
connections to get the Inland Revenue Service to go after Bob's friends until
they agree to cooperate with you. Get Jesse arrested. Post your goons outside
his house 24 hours a day if you think it will unnerve him. Send your pickets out
to Vashon every day to pass out fliers if you think it will frighten me. 

But the fact remains that you are the managing agent for the Church of
Scientology Flag Service Organization, and you are the one responsible for
Lisa's death, DM. You. I'll be testifying about you, DM, and so will Jesse. 

Oh, and by the way, we will have people documenting every instance of harassment
and intimidation your goons perpetrate on Jesse and Bob while they are in
England and Europe, and every instance of intimidation you perpetrate on me
while they are gone. 

I suggest you check the people closest to you, DM. You've got a couple of really
shaky lieutenants. Turning state's evidence is beginning to look like the only
way they'll ever get a full night's sleep again.  

Stacy Brooks Young   


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