Plaintiff's Exhibit #42 in Dandar disqualification hearing

April 23, 2002  

Stacy Young
137 Fremont Road
Sandown, NH 03873

RE: Wollersheim v. Church of Scientology

Dear Stacy:

		I wish to acknowledge our conversation of the 15 th of this month in which
you requested that I withdraw your declaration from consideration by the
court. I advised you that while I understood the pressure that both you and
Bob were under I could not ethically withdraw this declaration and fulfill
my duties to Lawrence Wollersheim.

		I did however, inform the judge as I told you I would that you do not desire
to have your declaration used in this case and would not consent to voluntarily
make yourself available to testify.


		I would urge you to re  consider. Scientology has been putting various
de degrees of pressure on you for years to prevent you from testifying. This
new round of pressure is simply an indication that Scientology is very concerned
about the status of this matter and the McPherson case. They have been successful
in the past and escaped examination of their actions in court by intimidating
witnesses. Because this past intimidation has succeeded they will simply
continue to bully you and others that know the truth until you "Shudder into

		If you will reconsider and agree to appear and testify, honestly and truthfully,
you can break this chain of intimidation and free both yourself and others
from this overbearing organization.

		There will be an evidentiary hearing held in this matter commencing at
9:30 a.m. on May 9 and continuing through May 15th. The hearing will take
place in Department 24 of the Los Arigeles County Superior Court located
at I I I North Hill Street in Los Angeles.

Stacy Young
April 23, 2002
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		Please contact me in writing within five days of the date of this letter
and let me know if you will consent to testify. While we can not legally
compel your attendance, I would urge you to give every serious consideration
to this request.

Very truly yours,


Daniel	Leipold

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