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Subject: Dandar to Minton, 10 April 2002
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           DANDAR & DANDAR             

       A   T   T   O   R   N  E   Y   S

April 10, 2002

FAX: 617-526-5000

Stephen A. Jonas, Esquire
Hale and Dorr
60 State Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02109

OUR FILE NO. 54597.199                                  

Dear Steve:

This letter is in reply to your letter of April 1, 2002.  During our telephone
conversation on the evening of Good Friday, March 29, 2002, after I spoke with
Mr. Minton, you told me that Scientology had made certain demands and threats
toward Mr. Minton with the first demand being the absolute dismissal with
prejudice of the Lisa McPherson wrongful death case.  You did not go into detail
as the threats and demands made by Scientology other than the dismissal because
I refused to sign and be bound by any confidentiality agreement that Mr. Minton
may have entered into with Scientology.

What I do understand from discussing this matter with Mr. Minton that these
threats that they have made are substantial and in my opinion, form the classic
example of extortion. 

It amazes me how Mr. Rinder and his counsel believe that Mr. Minton has any
capacity to attempt to dismiss the wrongful death case let alone settle it.  He
has no authority whatsoever over the Estate.  I am also wondering why Mr. Minton
would even have agreed to attempt to have Dell Liebreich dismiss the death case
when he knows he has no authority or persuasive power to do so.  This to me is
nothing but the best evidence that whatever they have on Mr. Minton must be
extremely damaging, in light of the fact that he told me that if the case was
not dismissed, I would have the "blood and death" of he, his wife and two
daughters on my hands.  

Sincerely yours,

Kennan G. Dandar

1715 North Westshore Blvd.,Suite 750 Tampa, Florida 33607    Mail: P.O. Box
24597 Tampa, Florida 33623                             Telephone: 813-289-3858
Facsimile: 813-287-0895. Website:

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