Lisa McPherson Memorial Pickets

7 December 2002

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Clearwater, Florida
Report by Mike Krotz

On Saturday, Dec. 7, 2002, a quiet and respectful candlelight vigil took place in Clearwater, in memory of Lisa McPherson. Present were myself and "Charlie." Others were there in spirit, I know many wanted to be there but for many reasons could not attend.
Ft. Harrison Bldg., Dec. 7, 2002
This photo was taken just before the candlelight vigil for Lisa McPherson. This is the West side of the Fort Harrison building.
© Mike Krotz , used with permission

The vigil lasted from about 6:30 pm until about 8:20 pm. We were on the corner of Osceola and Pierce Streets, which had significant road and foot traffic due to road detours from construction in the area, as well as a large function taking place at the Baptist church adjacent to Clearwater's city hall.

I noticed that I was being watched by a person stationed on the 2nd floor balcony of the Ft. Harrison for the entire time I was standing alone on the corner. After Charlie arrived, the person on the balcony seemed to be busy on the cell phone, and was soon joined by two others. I was more than a little amazed at this obvious over-reaction to two people with candles.

As the intent of this vigil was to honor Lisa and not to make a scene or statement, we had no signs and handed out no fliers.

We concluded with a walk up the sidewalk and back again across the street on the West side of the Ft. Harrison. We had discussed that as being the last thing to do before ending the vigil, and as we talked at the corner after the walk, both of our candles were blown out by the wind. We took that as a good omen and ended the vigil.


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Los Angeles, California
Report by Tory Christman (Bezazian)

Today a bunch of us gathered in LA to have both a picket, and then a vigil in honor of Lisa McPherson, who died at the hands of Scientology and their medical malpractice.

People had flown in from 3 different states, so we were all happy to meet each other. We met at the Sizzler at noon, and enjoyed lunch together. Mark Bunker joined us for lunch and later helped film our Candlelight vigil.

All in all we were in full about 10 people, from four different states. We decided to begin picketing by the HGB (Hollywood Guarantee Building) where Int Management is.

As we strolled back and forth people gladly stopped and took our flyers. Many told us they already knew how bad Scientology is, so we suggested they pass on the flyers to others.

A highlight for me was speaking to two 19 year olds for about 20 minutes. They were amazed, but interested. I told them to read up and find out for themselves, and make up their own minds.

While we were talking, I guess Benetta Slauter Came up to Jeff Jacobson who was holding the big sign. She told him he never really knew Lisa. He was amazed to see her. I told him later that is always what we used to say to people.
Tory at the wax-museum 07 December 2001 Lisa McPherson Memorial Picket Tory/Magoo with sign at the wax-museum. The man walked over to her and whispered "I'm so proud of you. Keep up the good work. We're with you".
© Barbara Graham ( Barb ), used with permission
Also a lady who is the head PR for Europe came by. I didn't know her name, but perhaps someone will post it. Apparently Celebrity Center was having a BIG party tonight. We decided not to picket there, as they had their usual HUGE dealies up so no one could see out to the street. How strange to see their antics from the other side.

We stayed out in front of the Int building for two hours, picketing, passing out flyers, and just talking with people. I am always amazed at how many people dislike Scientology. (When you're in, they constantly tell you, and I thought, that most of the world likes them, and it's just a handful of people who do not. Nothing .....NOTHING>>>>could be farther from the truth!)

From there we headed down to the Scientology Testing Center. Barb and Richard had come up from Riverside, and Jeff was here from Phoenix. A few ot hers had come from different areas and this was their first picket. Each one did a great job of talking to people, and exposing the abuses of Scientology. Then there were the regular critics......OH NO!!! I just remembered something> One of them gave me a bag of goodies to give out at my party after...and I got so busy getting things ready for the party, I totally forgot! DOH!! Well, we'll give them out at the next party. Sorry, but I promise I will!

As we walked back and forth, I knew two of the "OT's" handing out flyers promoting the Free Personality test. One used to be (and may still be) the ED of LA org. She and her friend just laughed at me, saying "Oh Tory....." as I walked up. "Oh Tory?" Do they have ANY clue why I left? Do they even see it as weird that they don't even want to ask why? Naaawwwwww....who needs to? They know it all! Sure.

Kay Connally (head of PR, esp. for L. Ron Hubbard) was there running the Winter Wonderland. She sneered at me. I finally said, "Hi Kay". She turned around and said, "I thought I told you last year not to hurt the kids". I told her, "I'm not hurting any kids. What you said last year is YOU would get my money back that Scientology owes to me, and you still have not." She ran off while I was saying that. They can always dish it out, but never take it.

Also, Barb and I decided since the sign said, "All public welcome" that we may as well get a shot of us at their Winter Wonderland. It should be posted sometime tomorrow. :)

We stayed there for about one more hour, and then took a break, after cruising up Hollywood Blvd. Many of their neighbors thanked us....and surprisingly many people told us quite seriously that we NEEDED to come do this more often.

Finally as it turned dark, we headed back to the HGB for the Candlelight Vigil for Lisa. We each lit our candles, and said something in honor of this lovely woman who died so needlessly.

May she rest in peace, and hopefully our day of communication will help others not get snagged up in this 'religion' where you can get in, but you can't get out!

As the day ended, I had the gang over to enjoy food and drink. More people arrived to share in the night of chatting, discussions, drinking and eating good food.

In honor of Lisa........PEACE.

X-Scientologist after 30 years "in"

Los Angeles, California
Report by Jeff Jacobsen

I don't have much to add but will just give my thoughts.
   Like usual we were sorta unorganized, but that's just the way we
are.  We finally all met for lunch, then took off to picket.  The Life
Exhibit building seems to be one of the best places because lots of
publics go by for leafleting and conversations.  The Big Blue and
Celebrity Center mostly have Scientologists, who never want to talk
anyway (they do like to harass, though).
   We started trickeling into the Life Exhibit sidewalk and began
leafleting and holding our signs.  Our newbie picketers were
enthusiastic flyer distributers, so I think we handed out maybe 400
total for the day.  I stood near the building holding my sign with
Lisa's photo and one side of the WWW.XENU.NET banner (you can see the
banner at
   Suddenly and without warning, a woman was standing in front of me
yelling that I had no right to speak about Lisa McPherson because I
didn't know her.  After a few seconds I realized it was Bennetta
Slaughter, Lisa's former boss.  I said "hi, Bennetta" but she kept
ranting for a few more seconds then huffed off down the street.  I
said as she was leaving "I know exactly what happened to Lisa" since
we have the Clearwate police report, the Scientologists' logs, the
autopsy photos, etc.  This, however, was the only confrontation by
Scientology the whole day.  Normally they call the police on us and
the cops say "you know the drill, don't block the sidewalk, etc."
   The candlelight vigil was done kind of spontaneously mostly, except
for the guy who decided to argue with us, then as he was leaving said
"I'm glad she's dead."
   Tory's party was fun and good socializing was had by all.  I then
headed toward home, dropping off a picketer along the way.
Thanks to the newbie picketers!
Los Angeles, California
Report by Anonymous

At L. Ron Hubbard Life Center three young men started to question a picketer about Scientology. They were taking pictures of other picketers at the same time. They said "we are not Scientologists." After while they disappeared across the street and into a building.

In the life center upstairs in the Sea Org Headquarters people stood looking at us, all on the phone. What's with all the picture taking from inside? Is this a first step to becoming an OT? Is excercising our right to gather and assemble peacefully being portrayed as if we need to have picture taken? After while, it looks like a cell phone and camera commercial!

A policeman did come to check the cars parked right out front. Too bad, we had all parked legally.

Before Bennetta Slaughter came, she stood with about 6 people across the street by Sea Org building. I didn't recognize her. She was thin with heavy makeup. She stormed back across the street after confronting Jeff and walked away with the others. With a long coat and swift departure, she carried herself like Cruella DeVille.

A man shared that his brothers girlfriend joined Scientology and now she does not allow the brother to speak to the family anymore.

Quite a look befalls people who hear about Xenu for the first time.

The response of passerbys was overwhelming. As we walked to our cars a long plain van marked with L Ron Hubbard Life Center was just unloading a family with kids who were whisked into the Sea Org entrance.

The life center building is very tall. Behind the building by the Sea Org door was a fence with a locked gate and rolling barbed wire across the top.

The testing center is on the same block as Ripleys Believe it or Not. Wax Museum across the street. Birds of a feather... The music from the Winter Wonderland is loud to attract attention.

A man appeared at the candle vigil agitated and intrusive. He demanded answers like he had his shoulder chipped. How do those strangers know trs out of the blue is amazing.

A kind elderly man stood listening to our words as we lit candles for Lisa McPherson in front of the Hubbard Life Center building.

In memory of Lisa McPherson, the day was well worth the effort. Freedom of speech cannot be reduced or removed to cover up injustice. Removal of freedom of speech is a form of enslavement. People should not be led to pay for that form of freedom in the guise of a democratic society much less under religious umbrella. The baited paradox of it all.

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London, UK
Report by Jens Tingleff


In memory of Lisa McPherson, eight international SPs gathered outside the Tottenham Court Rd org to give the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology a hard time[1].

I had left my camera at home, so I spent the time handing out leaflets. After having had the attendant police warn off an over-eager Sea Ogre, I distributed probably a good one hundred leaflets. I found that all I had to do to get rid of leaflets was to say "a-GAINST $cientology," and I'd get a smile and an occasional taker for the leaflets.

John R did his usual unrelenting stint at the microphone, and we had enough leafletters to hold our own against the clams.

The clams, lying institutionally as per procedure, were using their usual leafletting tactics of either standing in people's way and thrusting the free-doom rubbish into their hands, or stand by and weakly say "free magazine?" Since they've un-learned the ability to communicate with anyone about anything, it's not surprising that they're incapable of simply stating what the glossy rubbish being handed out was about.

In spite of the seriously chilly winds, we held out for long enough to pretty much run out of leaflets, and we repaired to the local pub for some much needed warm flat beer.

Suppressively yours


London, UK
Report by Dave Bird

Quite a nice Lisa McPherson day demo here. Currently my trains to London run on an indirect route, to a less convenient station in the capital, and to add insult to injury the time I planned on was cancelled when I got there so half an hour wait. Still, I arrived around 1300 at the usual pub. Present were Dave, Jens, John, Roland, Hartley, Martin Poulter, Peter Lucey, "I P Freeleigh", Duke the Dog, and last but not least David Gerard who has an English parent and has come to live and work in London.
London, 7 December 2002 From left to right is Dave Bird, David Gerard, John Ritson, Damian Steer, Martin Poulter (almost hidden) and Hartley.
© John Ritson , used with permission

It was very cold for this time of the winter, and one or two un-gloved people pressed for an early finish after two hours. The Org had an xmas tree and had picked up on our trick of giving out helium balloons... though they didn't print "Scientology" or "Drug Free Marshalls" or anything on them, and they weren't very practised (they did the obvious trick of taking a big bundle by the far ends of the ribbons which looks very stylish, until you realise you can't separate one from the bundle to hand it out).

Two or three police were present throughout, but they mostly policed watching from inside the warm slot-machine arcade and drinking cardboard cups of coffee. One clam was a bit out of order, he came pushing into our lines and leaning over the sound system: eventually the police simple told him "your lot on the shop side of the pavement, picketers on the road side of the pavement."

Other than that it was a fairly mild demo. The clams obviously wanted to look nice and fluffy with the balloons and a sound system playing dance music or carols, and I hadn't really got the heart to tear into them. John did most of the slogans on the mic; I was one of several leafleters. Obviously we didn't try to make it a festive event being as we were marking someone's untimely death, but that issue didn't seem to figure much with the Org. It was nice to get together and spend a good long time exchanging notes afterwards. Then by train back to Birmingham. All in all, it was another grand day out.

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Toronto, Canada
Report by Keith Henson

Dec 7 Chris Wood, Ron Sharp, Arel and I picketed the org on Yonge St from about 1 pm to 4. The picket was dedicated to the memory of Lisa McPherson who died after 17 gruesome days in the hands of scientology in 1995.

The picket went long because we found scientology had closed the side street and were exploiting Christmas using a number of org children singing carols. So in spite of the cold we stayed till they were closing up. The flyers went faster than normal because the street crowd had a lot of new people in it (Christmas shopping). A remarkable number of the people I talked to already knew of LRH's "there was no Christ" quote.

Since my vantage was across the street perhaps those who were up front can add to this post.

Toronto, Canada
Report by Christopher Wood

Picketers: Me, Keith Henson (up the road), Arel Lucas, Android Cat. David Palter spotting me early on. Granfalloon walking by to say hi.

Leaflets: Is this Hubbard's Science?/What Judges Say (I'll copy fewer ones next time, still handing one run of these out), Arel had some Xenu leaflets, and whatever Keith had.

I arrived at Starbucks on time - and was earlier than everybody else again. David Palter showed up after ten minutes of waiting. Eventually, since it was almost time to picket and nobody else had showed up, I got David to watch my back for the first little while.

The cult was doing its "good roads and fair weather" bit - their Xenumas (hehe) open house was on, and the cult's Drug Free Marshalls front group had a display outside. They had a popcorn cart, body routers, and had blocked off a bit of Saint Mary Street with a stage and some kids stuff at the back. The inside of the org was an open house.

I picketed for a while, with David Palter handing out the odd leaflet behind me. Eventually that awful suppressive person Keith Henson (who can't complete a cycle of action, and so was late) and Arel Lucas showed up by Starbucks, but eventually made their way to their accustomed picketing spots.

Android Cat showed up a bit later, and then we were four.

Arel decided to picket down the sidewalk closest to the org - which the cult obviously didn't like. She got 'asked' by the off-duty police officer the cult had hired (maybe after reading my picket announcement? who knows?) not to picket on the org side of Saint Mary - was saying something about how Scientology had a permit, and they could exercise some modicum of control over who walked there (obviously not using those exact words). Arel pointed out that other people were walking there, and the police officer said yes, but they didn't have signs. Obviously there's some problem here in realizing that people with signs have the same rights as people who don't have signs. Arel didn't actually challenge this by picketing up the side of the org again, but it strikes me that the next time I'm at the org I shall picket wherever I have the legal right to do so.

I noticed that finally there was somebody who had a worse time than picketers with the wind - the Scientologists with the popcorn and balloons. Whenever a gust of wind and the generosity of the popcorn server coincided, invariably a puff or two would leak out. They kept sweeping, so the sidewalk remained largely clean. The Scientologists with the balloons were nice enough to attempt to restrain the balloons from blowing against our signs - not that it always worked, though.

Despite the happy Xenumas display, enough passers-by were clued in about the veracity of the org's Xenumas show that they made a few pointed comments - Lisa McPherson (so the news has spread), the Crowleyan cross, and so forth.

As an aside, the Drug-Free Marshalls were looking mighty cold. The garb of the season was a DFM sweatshirt and hat. Some of them had gloves and scarves, but when they were singing on the stage they didn't have coats, and some were obviously shivering. All the adults were wrapped up warmly. I hope those kids (some were pretty young) at least got to wear thermal underwear, because just jeans gets a bit cold on the knees around this time of year. Was it really so important to have them dressed all in DFM kit rather than be warm? Interesting value judgement.

At about 4:00 darkness was creeping in and the crowd was thinning out. We finished up and ran for the warmth of central heating.

I got pictures, and assuming they were any good I shall no doubt post them as late as I usually do.

Post-picket points to ponder:

I heard one of the Drug Free Marshalls saying "cigarettes aren't included - they're not a drug" to a passerby. Come again? Funny that he should say that - the 52 Division drug sample display right in front of him (with a disclaimer that the samples were mockups, not the real thing) clearly had a cigarette on display in the lower right-hand corner.

I actually heard one of the Drug Free Marshalls use the term "body routing", as he took over leafleting duties. So it's not offering a pleasant open house, it's routing raw meat into the org? Fascinating. (Of course, do tell me if I'm taking this the wrong way, will you?)

People in Avenue Road Roofing jackets don't want leaflets. Not surprising, since ARR is one of the more noticeable WISE ( World Institute of Scientology Enterprises ) companies in Toronto.

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Prayer for Lisa McPherson, Leipzig
Translated by Joe Cisar (not literal)

                        Prayer for Lisa McPherson
                 on Saturday, 7 December 2002 at 12 noon
                     in the Nikolai Church in Leipzig

Liturgy: Rev. Christian Führer, Leipzig and Rev. Thomas Gandow, Berlin



Rev. Gandow:

(Information about the Prayer for Lisa McPherson in the Nikolai church
Leipzig on 12.7.2002) 

On December 5, 1995 a "Church of Scientology" vehicle drive up to the New
Port Richey Hospital north of Clearwater, Florida. The driver explained to
the doctor on emergency duty that he had a seriously ill woman. What he
had with him, however, was only a body in bad condition.  The woman was
emaciated and dehydrated. Her body was covered with bruises, sores and
cockroach bites. 

The only thing the doctors were able to do was to make a finding of death
for Lisa McPherson, who had been a Scientologist from age 18 to 36, when
she died after being held by Scientology in isolation for 17 days.

Two and a half weeks prior, on November 18, 1995, McPherson was involved
in a minor auto accident. Lisa was not wounded. While the emergency
workers made preparations to depart, she ran to the emergency vehicle,
ripped off her clothes and pled for help. 

Bonnie Portolano, a kind emergency worker, asked Lisa what was wrong and
why had she removed all her clothes, to which Lisa replied that she wanted
people to think she was crazy because she needed help. Bonnie said they
talked about help and what had gone wrong, along with much else.

Lisa was reported to have said the Scientology Organization (SO) found out
she had done something wrong, but she herself did not know what it was.
Bonnie took Lisa into the ambulance, covered her with a blanket,
sympathetically asked her about her problems and talked more with her.
Bonnie reported, "She said literally, 'I need someone to talk with.' I am
a medical technician. I told her that I could not stay with her, but th at
I could bring her to another place where people would listen to her. 'You
can speak with them there. Is that what you want?'"

Bonnie brought Lisa to a hospital that had psychiatric services available. 

But things stopped there. Lisa's place of work had been notified. Soon
thereafter two Scientologists arrived at the hospital and explained that
Lisa did not want to have anything to do with psychiatry. They took Lisa
with them to get her "rest and relaxation."

Little is known of what happened to Lisa McPherson in Scientology's Fort
Harrison Hotel between November 18 and December 5. 

 - It is certain that she was being treated with an "Introspection
   Rundown," in which none of her tenders were to speak with her or 
   answer her questions. 

 - In a state medical examination, her death was spoken of as an extreme
   case of dehydration. It was said that Lisa McPherson had received no 
   water for 5 to 10 days prior to her death. 

 - Scientology pressured the mother of the deceased to cremate the body 
   as soon as possible. The mother was told Lisa had gotten sick in the 
   afternoon and had rapidly deteriorated, then was brought to the 
   hospital, that it was fast-acting "meningitis." 

Although the Introspection Rundown records submitted show that isolation
and the silent treatment were used against Lisa in accordance with the
rules, SO attorney Elliot Abelson contested it being an Introspection
Rundown that Lisa was treated with. From his point of view, the death of
the Scientologist was the result of her being in a "suicide mode" when
Scientology took her under its care. He said she spent 17 days in a very
beautiful hotel room without television, but with room service, and that
she had the choice to come and go. 

Criminal proceedings against the local Scientology branch (FSO) were
dropped after Lisa's "tenders" had already been granted immunity from
prosecution to break through the "wall of silence." 

Today the family is still looking for an explanation for Lisa's death, and
this includes a civil lawsuit that is still in process. 

Today, on Saturday, 7 December 2002, people all over the world, wherever
Scientology is active, are being invited to silent vigils and to memorial
services. This, as in six previous years, is to remember the death of Lisa
McPherson and pray for those victims who, in their search for total
freedom, have found death as victims of a malicious totalitarian

  -  We have read in the newspapers about the isolation inflicted by and
     the punitive camps in Scientology. 

  -  We know that people die there.
  -  We know that the Scientology Organization (SO) try to silence their
     critics with libel, litigiousness and physical force.

  -  We know that Scientology maintains its own secret service, the Office
     for Special Affairs (OSA), to combat and eradicate critics.

People today can no longer say they didn't know it.

Human freedom and dignity are not threatened only by states or by state
infringements. Prisons and intelligence agencies are also operated by
private organizations, including here in Europe, with [personality]
disintegration measures [implemented] not by the Stasi, but by OSA. 

Today, on this international day of remembrance for Lisa McPherson, we, as
Christians, want to pray for justice and for God's peace for the victims
of Scientology. 

Let us not forget to pray for ourselves, either, that we may receive hope
and courage,

for the courage to guard our human freedom and dignity and the freedom and
dignity of all on earth as if it were our own. 

for the hope that more people and more politicians will gain the courage
they need to resist tyranny, wherever tyranny appears, and in spite of the
threats and promises accompanying it. 

                                          ViSP: Rev. Thomas Gandow, 
                                                Dialog Zentrum Berlin, 
                                                Heimat 27, 14165 Berlin

HYMN (in German) EG 7:   O Heiland, reiß die Himmel auf 
Herab, herab, vom Himmel lauf !
Reiß ab vom Himmel Tor uns Tür,
Reiß ab, wo Schloß und Riegel für 

3. O Erd', schlag aus, schlag aus, o Erd',
Daß Berg und Tal grün alles werd'
O Erd', herfür dies Blümlein bring,
O Heiland, aus der Erden spring. 

4. Wo bleibst du, Trost der ganzen Welt,
Darauf sie all' ihr' Hoffnung stellt ?
O komm, ach komm vom höchsten Saal,
Komm tröst uns hie im Jammertal. 

5. O klare Sonn', du schöner Stern,
Dich wollten wir anschauen gern.
O Sonn', geh auf, ohn' deinen Schein
In Finsternis wir alle sein.


Führer: The peace of the Lord be with you.  We are holding this service in
the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit to remember people
who are victims of new totalitarianism by psychocults. 

Gandow: We remember people who today are still being exploited and
tormented by psychocults. 

Führer: We remember people who are still being insulted, pressured and
extorted by psychocults. 

Gandow: We remember people who are still being systematically subjected to
libel to silence them by psychocults. 

Führer: We remember people who have been driven to their deaths by
psychocults. As representative of these, we call to mind the death of the
German Konrad Aigner and the financial ruin of his family, the tragic
death of the Frenchman Patric Vic, and especially Lisa McPherson who,
seven years ago on December 5th, met her death after 17 days in
Scientology custody. 

GOSPEL of the coming Sunday, Luke 21: 25-28
lector: Mrs. Prass
Jesus said: 

     And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the
stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea
and the waves roaring; 

     Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those
things which are coming on the earth; for the powers of heaven shall be

     And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power
and great glory. 

     And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift
up your heads; for your redemption is drawing near. 
Inside the Nikolai Church
Inside the Nikolai Church © Birgitta Harrington, used with permission


Gandow: We put in our prayer before God the destinies of all people who
are waiting for freedom and salvation.

In particular today, we ask consideration for all those suffering unjustly
in state prisons and in punitive and concentration camps all over the
world, as well as for those in private punitive and reeducation camps, and
in the isolation arranged by Scientology in Europe and American, for all
those who are prevented from leading lives of physical wholesomeness,
human dignity, self-determination and freedom.

We also pray for all victims of terror and tyranny, of violence and force,
whose blood cries to God from the Earth. 

FÜHRER: So we pray today in memory of Lisa McPherson (....)
Canon EG 21: 
Raise your heads and look up, because your salvation approaches, because
your salvation approaches. 

Lord, we remember this young woman, Lisa McPherson,
who is now with You,
despite the many case supervisors and the OSA guards outside her door. 
She stands before You
in the company of Patric Vic, Konrad Aigner and all the others
who, in the search for Total Freedom,
have found Death
as the victims of a malevolent organization. 

Lord, You have known Lisa from the time she was born.
You know about her yearning for love and recognition,
her sorrow at her brother's murder and her father's suicide;
her joy at speaking with people,
her happiness in dancing,
her ambition to perform well,
and her readiness to devote herself fully. 

Raise your heads and look up, because your salvation approaches, because
your salvation approaches. 

Pfr. Führer:
Lord, You know that:
She wanted to be free from the agonizing memories
of the death of her father and brother
and from the terrible "why."
She wanted to clear up all her problems.
She dreamt of being "clear",
of shaping her own destiny,
free from the shadows of her past.
For that she worked hard,
for that she earned much money, and
for that she paid much money. 

You know, how seriously she took the Scientology technology;
but we also hear from friends who knew her
that she stayed human in an inhumane system,
and tried to help others,
even when her kindness was to her own disadvantage. 

Raise your heads and look up, because your salvation approaches, because
your salvation approaches. 

You know, for how much she had to sell her personal dignity
to move forward on the Bridge of self-salvation:
her life was organized down to the most intimate details
according to the absurd regulations
of a science fiction and horror story author;
she had to write knowledge reports
for the greedy eyes and folders of the OSA intelligence agency
about herself and her friend;
About every kiss and each tender touch:
how often,
and for how long. 

Lord, in this world of violence, confusion and false paths
You do not pronounce those guilty
who get lost and go down the false paths
in their search for the path of freedom,
but rather those who exploit and abuse,
seduce and ruin those people. 
Therefore forgive them and also us:
for our attempts to handle others,
for our false superiority,
for our common and our Scientology betrayal of our fellow man,
for our common and our Scientology knowledge reports,
for subjecting ourselves to structures and organizations,
for our attempt, by total discipline and demands for obedience in advance,
to obtain a part of total control and power over our fellow man.
Forgive us for our pride and our sin of playing God. 

Raise your heads and look up, because your salvation approaches, because
your salvation approaches. 

Lord, You know,
how she collapsed in despair
when her super-human Scientology abilities
came tumbling down after a traffic accident like a house of cards
You know, that she stripped herself naked in confusion
only to display her helplessness
only to find help at last. 

And after she had found the help of a good Samaritan
and was so close to professional assistance,
Scientology did not let go of her,
but fetched her from the life-saving station. 
Like an abused wife who must return to her tormentor,
so the organization got back its victim
with false promises.
Instead of aides and protectors, she found guards and tormentors.
Instead of consolation - isolation. 

Raise your heads and look up, because your salvation approaches, because
your salvation approaches. 


     Lisa felt remorse at taking her eyes off an object
     - but she was only being used to prove Hubbard's absurd claims. 
     Lisa wanted to find herself
     - instead she found the "Introspection Rundown" 
     Lisa wanted to dance
     - instead she was tied to her bed 
     She wanted to talk with someone
     - but she could only talk to herself 
     She was hungry for a friendly word
     - instead of that she had silent overseers, 
          who were forbidden to talk to her, 
          who stuffed her mouth with sedatives
     When she no longer wanted to be Clear
     - she was drugged and sedated with Benadryl and Chloral Hydrate.

Lord, Lisa sought only help and protection.
There were not enough protectors and Samaritans in the hospital
and too many personnel on watch in the Fort Harrison Hotel,
in room 174 and outside her door;
Sometimes there were more guards than were needed,
to hold Lisa down when she defended herself.
There was also a woman guard
who herself broke down and cried. 
Lord, you know that:
While she was guarded and tormented,
and rendered powerless with drugs,
her Scientology friends plundered her bank account. 

Only after 17 days in the Fort Harrison Hotel
tormented and defiled,
covered with bruises and abrasions,
already bitten by cockroaches,
was she brought
- dead - 
to a hospital. 
As her body, at the wish of the Scientology organization
was immediately cremated,
- they told Lisa's family that she had died of infectious meningitis -
Scientology looters went through her residence,
wrote checks from her account,
stole her clothes,
and plundered the estate.

Raise your heads and look up, because your salvation approaches, because
your salvation approaches. 

Lord, hear us!
Now they are taunting their victim,
by describing their injections of drugs as
"spiritual sustenance" and religious treatment. 
Lord, her tormentors took down only a few sentences
of what Lisa said.
They did not understand them.
It was not important for them.
The words, indeed, came from inside Lisa. 
But You know everything that she said.

Let us also understand what Lisa meant
when, on the third day of her captivity she spoke of light
- completely contrary to Hubbard's teachings,
whereby light is a trap of deception 
that only leads to an implant station -

Lord, let us understand what it means,
when she, contrary to all she had learned for 13 years, said:
"You have to follow the light, as light is life." 

Raise your heads and look up, because your salvation approaches, because
your salvation approaches. 

Lord, Lisa only wanted someone
with whom she could speak
as one speaks with a friend.

Now speak with Lisa and all
who despair in their isolation,
Wipe their tears away.

Send them people as friendly protectors like angels.
Be a merciful Protector and Helper,
where people fail.

Answer Lisa's and our questions,
"For with thee is the fountain of life:
in thy light shall we see light." [Ps. 36,10]. 

Raise your heads and look up, because your salvation approaches, because
your salvation approaches. 

Hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done
On Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from evil.
For Thine is the kingdom and the power
And the glory. Forever and ever.


HYMN (in German) 16: Die Nacht ist vorgedrungen,
der Tag ist nicht mehr fern.
So sei nun Lob gesungen
dem hellen Morgenstern!
Auch wer zur Nacht geweinet,
der stimme froh mit ein.
Der Morgenstern bescheinet
auch deine Angst und Pein. 

4. Noch manche Nacht wird fallen
auf Menschenleid und -schuld.
Doch wandert nun mit allen
der Stern der Gotteshuld.
Beglänzt von seinem Lichte,
hält euch kein Dunkel mehr.
Von Gottes Angesichte
kam euch die Rettung her.


Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 06:32:17 EST

Dear Rev. Gandow:

On behalf of the family of Lisa McPherson, please let everyone know that
they greatly appreciate those who continue to observe the tragic death
of Lisa McPherson.  Their prayers go out to all of you.
Thank you,

Ken Dandar
Attorney for the Family of Lisa McPherson


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