To a lost friend...

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: To a lost friend...
From: (wynot)
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 22:54:34 GMT

You will never read this. So you will never know that I am still your

You looked out the window of the Church of Scientology, and saw me
picketing. And all you saw was someone turned against you, and your
great work. You lost sight of almost twenty years of friendship. If
you thought at all about why I was doing this, you thought only in the
terms allowed you; evil against good, with you on the side of good. My
peaceful picket was a rejection of all that you now believe to be
right.  Maybe, if you had a generous moment, you imagined that I had
been seduced by some enemy to attack you in this way.

I wasn't. I went out there with my sign knowing full well that it
would hurt you, and cost me your friendship. It did not make me happy.
I really did not want to. But I knew that no one else was going to do
it, and that it had to be done. The official policies of your so
called church led directly to the death of Lisa McPherson, and I am
convinced that they can lead to your death too. You have told me all
about the wonderful, no-nutrition diet their chiropracter shill ( what
kind of con-man dreamed up contact reflex analysis, anyway?) has you
on. That scared me. You have talked about the super powers you have
now, but I have seen a person who believes that the red lights do his
bidding; yet still can wreck his car. How is that? What I see is
someone who has lost contact with reality, who is no longer capable of
rational thought. That really scares me.

I know how your phony church treats people who dare to question them
in any way. I thought that if I picketed, and your leaders tried to
'handle' me, maybe that would show you the truth about the
pseudo-philosophy you have chosen. I thought about the guy who said
that if it came to betraying a friend, or his country, he prayed he
would have the courage to betray his country, and remembered a time
when you agreed. I never thought that you would be the one sent to
'handle' me. And I really never thought that you would do it by
threatening a mutual friend, ethercat, to try to  intimidate her into
making me stop protesting.

Guess what? It won't work. It is very difficult to coerce free people.
Your masters know this; every dollar they spend trying to protect
their power teaches them about it. Now you are going to learn the
lesson. You want mastery over MEST? You want things to always go
right? The horrible things your masters trained you to say (though
they couldn't give you the courage to confront me directly) will not
'handle' this 'situation', nor make it go away. You said that your
church has ways of handling people who attack them, and you used the
phrase 'dead agent'. Free people do not like to be 'handled'. The
coming disconnections are just the beginning. Your church is going to
cost you every real friend you have. It won't matter to you, will it?
It has already cost you your soul, and your sanity. What is love,
after those?

I am still your friend. I do not want you to end up Like Lisa
Mcpherson. That is why I picketed. This time.

'Til all men are free;

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