Disconnection Letter

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Disconnection Letter
From: wynot@mindspring.com
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 01:20:05 GMT

The morning after the March 13th picket in Atlanta, I received the
following in the mail. It was dated the 11th, postmarked the 13th. I
do not know if it was mailed before or after the picket.

"Dear Tony.
	I am writing to you to make it clear and certain that I don't
wish to have anything more to do with you. I don't wish to talk with
you, see you or hear from you.
	I am doing this because you have decided to denigrate my
church in public and with it myself and the people I work with and for
whom I have the greatest respect. You do this based on information
from a one sided attack without apparently even questioning the
motives and intents of the people forwarding the attack. You do this
without questioning me, supposedly your friend, for opposing
information. And out of a city of millions, my supposed friend is one
of three people publicly attacking my church.
	This is outrageous to me. I won't have it and I don't need it.

 >>>Handwritten and typed signatures omitted<<<

I would like to address a couple of points here. My friend claimed
that I have not asked for opposing information. I have, many times; he
offered the writings of Hubbard. When asked general questions, he gave
me specific answers. When I asked specifics, he gave me generalities.
At no time could he give me an answer in his own words. I learned
later that that was not allowed  to him, and was called 'out tech'. He
told me of his 'wins', and they sounded like normal coincidental
events to me, like catching all he lights on the way to work one
night. Wow.

He claimed that the church had closed down all the sanitariums in
Italy. Ethercat researched that one a bit, and found it to be an
absolute falsehood. It made it a little difficult for me to put much
stock in any other information he presented. He said in the letter
that my information came from a one sided attack on his church. One
sided; the governments of Spain, Italy, Australia, England, Canada,
France, and Germany. The Amazing Randi. Time Magazine and CBS news.
Readers Digest.

And the words of all the former scientologists on

Yes, I did read some Hubbard. I fought my way through most of NSMH
when I was a teenager, and thought it to be drivel. Since then,  I
have heard Hubbards own voice talking insanity, and selling it to poor
deluded fools like you. For BIG bucks, too...

He also claimed that I am one of three people in the whole city who
attack your church. Well, there were six of us at the picket on the
13th. Five of us on February 28th. Who knows how many next time...

We were friends for almost 20 years.

'Til next time;
Tony Williams

"But regardless how hard the going is for us critics in the face
of entrenched evil, as Winston Churchill said once that these are
not the dark days, but rather the great days. They are great because
the cult is giving each of us an opportunity to find out the depth
of our love of freedom." - Grady Ward.

A scan of the original letter.

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