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Clergy, teachers discuss drug abuse

Title: Clergy, teachers discuss drug abuse
Date: Thursday, 16 April 1970
Publisher: Wilshire Press
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Programs which produce results in the areas of drug abuse education and rehabilitation will be presented at the "Clerygmen and Educators Drug Abuse Conference" on April 29. The all-day conference will be held at the Los Angeles Hilton and is sponsored by the Church of Scientology of California.

The purpose of the conference is to draw together clergymen, teachers, administrators and counselors from Los Angeles county to discover which programs in use are most practical and effective. Drug programs which are being considered for widespread adoption will also be presented.

The event should provide, as a valuable coordinating function, a source of worthwhile data and statistics which may be assimilated and used by attendees. Those who feel they could be more effective in handling drug abuse problems if more certainty and exposure to usable drug abuse information were available will benefit from the conference, said Max Prudente, public relations officer, Church of Scientology.

A Church of Scientology of California Public Relations official indicated that many individuals would become more willing to take responsibility in this area if they were aware that things are being done and answers are being found.

Church of Scientology organizations in Los Angeles County have handled more than 500 individual drug abuse cases in the last two years alone, with better than 90% effective and permanent results in alleviating drug usage and its adverse effects, according to Prudente.