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Drugs conference open to everyone

Title: Drugs conference open to everyone
Date: Thursday, 23 April 1970
Publisher: Westlake Post
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The "Clergymen and Educators Drug Abuse Conference," sponsored by the Church of Scientology of California, will feature drug abuse information on programs which are producing results in the alleviation of drug problems, officials announced.

The conference will be held at the Los Angeles Hilton Hotel Sierra Room Wednesday, April 29, from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Church of Scientology announced that programs which condone the use of drug therapy, electric shock and other crude, psuedo-scientific techniques will not be included in the conference.

"It is obvious that these torture and punishment methods are not effective and do nothing to enhance an individual's spiritual and personal rehabilitation. The "drug problem symptom" is one of many "problems" whose source can be traced to a breakdown of spiritual values and an overall inability or frustration in finding answers which work for oneself," officials said.

The Church of Scientology of California's drug rehabilitation, program called "Narconon," has been successful for four years in Arizona State Prison and is currently spreading to California, Hawaii, Nevada, Missouri and Illinois. Its results have earned high praise from government officials and correction authorities. None of the church's technology employs drugs, shock or hypnosis or other mechanical treatment, officials explained.

Clergymen, teachers, counselors and the public are invtied to attend. Admission is free, and the event will provide invaluable data and statistics concerning practical and effective programs in use, and breakthroughs in the field of drug abuse.