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Church of Scientology begins 20th anniversary program

Title: Church of Scientology begins 20th anniversary program
Date: Thursday, 7 May 1970
Publisher: Wilshire Press
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The Church of Scientology of California will launch the 20th anniversary of Dianetics at Celebrity Centre Organization, 1809 W. 8th St., from 10 a.m. until midnight Saturday, May 9.

Arts and crafts workshops, ttape plays and entertainment and shows will be featured during the day and night. Guest entertainers include the Lamonte Johnson jazz trio, the Great American Entertainment Show, and concert pianist and virtuoso Mario Fenninger.

This special all-day program marks the 20th birthday of the publication of "Dianetics: The Modern science of Mental Health," which was written by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, brilliant American writer, philosopher and scientist.

For 20 years Dianetics and Scientology have expanded broadly and successfully around the world at an incredible rate. Previously the subject of some controversy, the church has overcome these misunderstands and firmly established itself as a worldwide religion whose organizations and 20 millions members are active in nearly every free world country," according to Max Prudente, Scientology public relations minister.

"It is known widely as a leader in the application of communication technology and problem solving in the areas of education, drug abuse and mental health reform," he added.

The California-based church will highlight the 20th anniversary year with its Grand National Convention at the Long Beach Arena, July 3-5. This gala event will attract more than 20,000 Scientologists, government officials end celebrities, Prudente predicted.

Information concerning the May 9 celebration may be obtained by calling the Celebrity Centre, 483-5940.

For further information concerning the Grand National Convention contact the Registrar, Church of Scientology of California, 2005 W. 9th St., Los Angeles [...]


Church of Scientology

The Church of Scientology, 2005 W. 9th St., will hold morning service at the above address at 11 a.m. Max Prudente, renowned Scientology lecturer and public relations officer for the Los Angeles organization will speak on "Confronting." Music by Kinsley Giles.

The afternoon service will be held at the Celebrity Center, 1809 W. 8th St., at 4 p.m. The Sermon will be given by the Rev. Ira Chaleff, commanding officer of The American St. Hill Organization, on "Auditing Is for Use, How to Get This Planet Sane." Music will be by Iris Reeves, well-known singer.