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Letters to the Editor // Sect official responds to L.A. court's decision

Title: Letters to the Editor // Sect official responds to L.A. court's decision
Date: Monday, 25 June 1984
Publisher: Clearwater Sun (Florida)
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Judge Breckenridge's decision in Los Angeles was based on psychiatric principles of a godless mankind and is just like the Australian decision of 1967; so biased and filled with animosity, that the High Court of Australia responded by granting full religious recognition to all the Churches of Scientology in Australia and 500 other religions by the year 1983.

To have quoted reports disseminated by an agency headed by a former SS officer and have them endorsed by Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Flynn and Judge Breckenridge indicate "their state of mind" regarding religion.

The letter quoted in the decision first disseminated by former SS officer Paul Dickopf was an unsigned letter from an unknown author, and it is quoted as psychiatric authority in Judge Breckenridge's court in Los Angeles. Truly, Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Flynn have embraced concepts that, had they researched further, would have shown they had embraced a faceless report disseminated by an organization whose president was a Nazi SS officer (SS No. 337259), now deceased. Their state of mind is questionable, their research "shameless" and their support of faceless writers a sad, sad commentary on their "state of mind."

The mosquito sting of faceless writers on the whole of a spacebound rocket of religious liberty has never been known to stop its flight. We are rocketing to the stars and the faceless writers, the mosquitos, in their paranoiac state of mind are burning the marshes.

President Church of Scientology International

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For a very long time I have been watching your articles about Scientology. What is your purpose in writing them? I do not believe it is truly to inform, for if it were, you would write about some of the wonderful things L. Ron Hubbard has done for mankind. You would also have people in the church, happy with it, interviewed as to why they belong and what they get out of it.

Who is this Michael Flynn? What has he actually done in his life to help others? He is attacking a man who has helped thousands get off drugs, who has provided a technology to help people be happy, who has helped people understand themselves better.

If anyone is attacking something or writes an editorial or letter to you, I think that person should at least read something about it—not from a newspaper or second-hand source, but from the author himself. I would encourage anyone reading this paper, who really wants to know what Scientology is about to read a copy of "Dianetics; The Modern Science of Mental Health." It has not sold seven million copies for nothing.

When I went to high school I was taught to really investigate before I formed opinions, and find out things for myself. If we would all do that, it would be a better world. I have investigated Scientology. I have read almost all the books Mr. Hubbard has written and I've applied what I learned to my life to make it better. I don't expect anyone to believe me. I can only expect that we apply what we have learned in our schooling in this country—really take the time to read it, to understand it and see for ourselves whether it is true or not.

Clearwater Beach