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Sect custody dad to appeal

Title: Sect custody dad to appeal
Date: Thursday, 2 August 1984
Publisher: East Grinstead Courier (UK)
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THE FATHER of two children who lost the Scientology custody case last week, said he is to appeal against the judgement.

The case made national headlines when the High Court judge, Mr Justice Latey, awarded custody of the youngsters to their mother because he said the man's Scientology beliefs were "dangerous? sinister and corrupt".

The six-month tug-of-love battle ended by the judge declaring in open court that the influence of the sect would put the children gravely at risk.

"The church of Scientology resorts to lies and deceit whenever it thinks it will profit to do [?]

Before the announcement, the children, a boy aged 10 and an eight-year-old girl — were living with their father in the town.

He has since re-married after a divorce from their mother in 1979. His ex-wife, a former Scientologist, has left the organisation and was living abroad with her future husband.

Speaking from his East Grinstead home, the father, who is not named to protect the youngsters' identities, said he had brought up his children in a happy and caring home.

We have two other sons, one aged 10 who is my wife's by her first marriage and one aged three which is ours," he told the Observer.

"We love all our children and have brought them up in a happy and caring home."

"The decision of Mr Justice Latey to split up my family after the children have been with me for the past five years is unfair to them, my wife, myself and their step-brothers.

"I feel I am being penalised for my beliefs and I will be appealing against the decision."

"Scientology press officer at the sect's UK headquarters in Saint Hill, Mr Mike Garside, said this week: "The judge made extensive comments on Scientology without hearing any representation from us. The judgement is consequently one-sided and innacurate."