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Inside Scientology Finally [Hubbard's "Freedom" army]

Title: Inside Scientology Finally [Hubbard's "Freedom" army]
Date: Friday, 4 April 1986
Publisher: L.A. Weekly (California)
Authors: Ron Curran, Jennifer Pratt
Main source: link (2.8 MiB)

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[Picture / Caption: Commander Hubbard] ''[L. Ron Hubbard] has now moved on to his next level of ... research. This level is beyond anything any of us has ever imagined. It is a level, in fact, done in an exterior state, completely exterior from the body. In this level ... the body is nothing more than an impediment, an encumbrance to any further gain. ... Thus, at 2000 hours, Friday, the 24th of January, A.D. [1986], L. Ron Hubbard discarded the ... [Read the rest at link (2.8 MiB)]