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Inside Scientology Finally [Breach of faith?]

Title: Inside Scientology Finally [Breach of faith?]
Date: Friday, 4 April 1986
Publisher: L.A. Weekly (California)
Authors: Ron Curran, Jennifer Pratt
Main source: link (2.8 MiB)

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Breach of Faith? One particular church policy has been partially at the root of the fear and anger: Scientology's alleged use of personal information in members' "confidential" Pre-Clear (PC) folders information confessed during auditing. There is substantial evidence that this information has been culled, perhaps to pressure members either into staying in the church or into not criticizing the church if they do leave. Although Hoden denies such practices ("In all my years here, I have never known of any such ... [Read the rest at link (2.8 MiB)]