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Stay away from Scientology, warn church leaders

Title: Stay away from Scientology, warn church leaders
Date: Friday, 7 May 1993
Publisher: East Grinstead Courier (UK)
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CHURCH leaders in East Grinstead have joined forces in an unprecedented condemnation of the Church of Scientology.

Nine heads of churches in the town and surrounding areas signed a letter sent to the Courier urging people "not to get involved, either by visiting the new Dianetics centre or by completing the free personality test."

Vicar of St Swithon's Church the Reverend Roger Brown told the Courier: "It's confirmation of a long standing position we have had.

"So many people move into the area and we want them to know what Scientology is.

"They may not be aware of the connection between the Dianetics bookshop and the Church of Scientology."

Mr Brown said the personality tests offered were a ploy to attract members.

"It's Important the personality tests are seen for what they are which is basically a recruiting technique."

He also said the Church of Scientology's involvement in anti-drug campaigns was also misleading.

"So many of these operations are just a front, they purport to be helpful but they are a means to an end."

But Mr Brown was quick to point out the church leaders were protesting against Scientology not against individual Scientologists.

"I must emphasise we have nothing personal against people who are scientologists — it is the principles of scientology we disagree with."

Barbara Bradley, a spokeswoman for the Church of Scientology, described the letter as "un-Christian."

She told the Courier: "As none of the reverend gentlemen listed in the letter have visited Saint Hill, nor have they ascertained from legitimate members of the Church exactly what Scientology is and what it stands for, we can only assume they are acting on false information.

"This is strictly forbidden in the Bible.

"It is an un-Christian action and unworthy of a minister of any Christian religion."

* VANDALS struck again at the Hubbard Dianetics Bookshop in London Road on Saturday when a rock was thrown through the front window causing £100 damage.

It is the third time the window has been smashed in two weeks.

Town's clergy advice on Scientology

Steer clear of this cult — it's unacceptable

WE, the clergy of East Grinstead, write concerning the cult of Scientology.

Although the practices of Scientology have been exposed for what they are, both in the national press and in the courts, we believe it is important that the general public should be kept aware of repeated attempts to present Scientology as something acceptable and beneficial to society.

We believe the opposite is true and we would urge everyone not to get involved, either by visiting the new Dianetics Centre, or by completing the Free Personality Test questionnaire, which is their basic recruiting technique.

The Rev Canon Roger Brown
The Rev Kevin Gaskin
The Rev Gordon Bond
The Vicarage East Grinstead
The Rev Stephen Bowen
The Rev Donald Gleghorn
The Rev Michael O'Hara
The Rev David Dominy
The Rev Eric Pollard
The Rev Ian Edye