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[Advertisement] What magazine gets it wrong in 1991?

Title: [Advertisement] What magazine gets it wrong in 1991?
Date: Tuesday, 28 May 1991
Publisher: USA Today
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Ansewer: What magazine gets it wrong in 1991?

The same one that was wrong in 1936 TIME magazine.

According to W.A. Swanberg in his book Luce and His Empire, the pages of TIME were used throughout the 1930's to forward Hitler and his Nazi regime by "ridiculing the people and nations arrayed against them."

In TIME's coverage of Hitler, Swanberg noted, "he was cleverly handled ... in a manner implying guarded approval. His abilities were stressed.... His barbarities were soft-pedaled.... His violations of solemn treaties were viewed with complacency.... He was often presented as foxy and somehow amusing...."

In 1936, TIME characterized Hitler as the "Messiah" of the Germans.

Even in 1939, after Hitler had enacted atrocities against minorities and had invaded Czechoslovakia and Austria, TIME declared that for Germans "His was no ordinary dictatorship, but rather one of great energy and magnificent planning."

Later in 1939, this "magnificent planning" resulted in World War II, a catastrophe that included the deaths of over 35 million people and the extermination of more than 6 million people in Hitler's concentration camps.

Look for the special advertising supplement on TIME magazine appearing June 14 in USA Today.

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