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Ex-cult member: Mounties targetted as enemy

Title: Ex-cult member: Mounties targetted as enemy
Date: Wednesday, 13 May 1992
Publisher: Toronto Sun (Canada)
Author: Bill Dunphy
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Scientologists targeted the RCMP for infiltration because their founder believed Mounties were part of a worldwide conspiracy against his church, an ex-member testified yesterday.

The Toronto court heard Scientology leader L. Ron Hubbard believed the international conspiracy was run by a band of former Nazis who'd taken over Interpol — the European-based international police organization.

The testimony yesterday from Marion Evoy, formerly Canada's top Scientology official, came at the opening of the fourth week of the trial of the Church of Scientology of Toronto Inc. and five members on five counts of criminal breach of trust.

The charges arise from a Scientology spy network that in mid-1970 allegedly infiltrated the RCMP, the OPP, Metro Police and the Ontario attorney-general's office.


Evoy said one of the defendants, Donald Whitmore, succeeded in getting a job with the RCMP, but was unable to bring any files out of the building because RCMP security was so tight.

So, Evoy testified, "he was reading what he could, coming back and reporting to his superior what he had read."

The reconstituted reports were then Telexed — in code — to the world headquarters of Scientology's Guardian Office, the arm responsible for intelligence.

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