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Members 'are all helped'

Title: Members 'are all helped'
Date: Thursday, 21 April 1994
Publisher: Chichester Observer (UK)
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A Scientology spokesman said it was a "ridiculous exaggeration" to say Mr Phillips had been phoned up to five times a day. Peter Mansell was given full details of the interview with Mr Phillips and his reply was: "The point is for every Roger Phillips or Martin Francis there are literally thousands of people who are more than happy in Scientology.

"Scientology has been recognized as a religion by courts and religious scholars all over the world. Just last October the United States governments Internal Revenue Service (IRS) determined that the church of Scientology is a bona fide institution, organized wholly for charitable and religious purposes.

"The determination came after the IRS had scrutinized every aspect of the church's activities, its purposes and especially its financial affairs and records.

"Also the IRS investigated the essence of every allegation that anyone had ever uttered against the church, no matter how unfounded or how unrelible its source and under IRS scrutiny these claims were dismissed.

"In fact, the IRS review represented the most extensive and thorough examination of any exemption application in the history of the agency.

"In comparison, the disgruntled comments of a few ex-members is hardly authoritative. Ex-members of any organization can be counted upon to have some disagreements or they would probably not be ex-members.

"It would be easy to fill every page of the Observer with stories about people who feel their lives have been enormously improved as a result of their activity in the church.

"With all the problems that exist in the world today and all of the bad news that fills our newspapers, surely it is worth featuring a few people who can tell of helping others get off drugs, improving their ability to study, improving family relations and increasing their understanding of the spiritual side of life and their relationship with the Supreme Being.

"There are hundreds of such people in the church of Scientology."