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Cult's cover-up is blown // Anger at Scientology link

Title: Cult's cover-up is blown // Anger at Scientology link
Date: Sunday, 5 June 1994
Publisher: Sunday Mail (UK)
Author: Marion Scott
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SCIENTOLOGISTS BANNED the Sunday Mail from their public meeting yesterday.

Then they sent helpers with leaflets into the streets to try to fill their empty hall.

The Scientologists took secret video film and pictures of Mail journalists who turned up to hear their campaign against psychiatrists and treatments for the mentally ill. Families who attended a "public hearing into psychiatric abuse" organised by the Citizens' Commission for Human Rights turned away horrified when they realised the connection with the Church of Scientology.


Helen Dale, of the Scottish Association for Mental Health, shouted at CCHR spokesman Graeme Wilson as he tried to usher her into the Woodside Burgh Hall in Glasgow. She told him: "We want nothing to do with a cult.You area danger to society and shouldn't be allowed to influence vulnerable people.

"I want every group who cases about mental welfare to write to their MP and ask them to investigate this group and shot them down."'

Helen and John Daly, of Milton in Glasgow, said they were "horrified" that CCHR was operating in Scotland.

"We went along to see if we could get help for our son who is mentally ill and serving a seven year jail sentence.

"I now realise that CCHR are Scientologists. We want nothing to do with them."

CCHR boss Graeme Wilson told us: "We've got you on video tape."

But he and his companions weren't so happy when we took their picture: "We want you to leave," a harassed Wilson demanded.

We were happy to oblige.