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Scientology boosts friends in high places

Title: Scientology boosts friends in high places
Date: Thursday, 27 April 2000
Publisher: NOW Magazine
Author: Enzo Di Matteo
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Grit MP Derek Lee a Scientology symp? You might wonder if you happened to breeze the most recent issue of the Toronto Free Press.

There, pictured with church prez Janet Laveau, is the former Grit GTA caucus chair along with a group of others listed as recipients of the Friends of the L. Ron Hubbard Humanitarian Award.

Lee says he got the award for helping the church make its case with the CRTC for more "religious" programming on cable. Lee, it turns out, is also impressed by Scientology's drug rehab and literacy efforts. He's not concerned, he says, about the questions surrounding some of its out-there teachings.

"A lot of church groups bump into controversy. The Catholic Church had a little problem with the Inquisition a few hundred years ago," says Lee.

Things got a little more complicated, however, when Scientology prez Laveau was called for comment. First, she denied that Lee received an award. Then she asked NOW to fax questions. To these she did not respond specifically.