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[The U.S. National Dyslexia Foundation is unhappy ...]

Title: [The U.S. National Dyslexia Foundation is unhappy ...]
Date: Thursday, 23 July 1992
Publisher: Toronto Star (Canada)
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HOLLYWOOD (Special) — The U.S. National Dyslexia Foundation is unhappy with a recent statement by Tom Cruise that Scientology has cured the movie star of the reading impairment affliction, columnist Marilyn Beck reports.

Joyce Bulifant, executive vice-president, says "Dyslexia is not a disease that can be cured. Research at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Hospital has shown that the dyslexic brain is shaped differently and perceives things differently. Building self- confidence is extraordinarily important for a dyslexic, and if Scientology has done that for Tom Cruise, that's good. But spreading misinformation can be harmful and it would be nice if he understood the disease better. He's obviously learned how to cope with the problem as he's gotten older. We all develop such skills as best we can."


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