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North American Scene // Cults // Scientology Sues Cult Watchers

Title: North American Scene // Cults // Scientology Sues Cult Watchers
Date: Monday, 9 March 1992
Publisher: Christianity Today
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The Worldwide Institute of Scientology Enterprises has sued other critics in the past, but now they are taking on a religious group for the first time.

"I just don't think they realize potentially what kind of Pandora's box they are opening here," says Craig Branch, southeast director of Watchman Fellowship (WF), one of the groups being sued.

"One of the questions is whether Christian organizations have the right . . . to publicly speak out against groups that are in conflict with their faith and/or who fraudulently represent themselves as compatible with Christianity," says Eric Johnson, a Rutherford Institute attorney for WF.

The suit alleges that WF and the Cult Awareness Network want to destroy Sterling Management Systems, a division of Scientology, "through a malicious anti-religious campaign of lies and deceit." WF has written about Scientology in its monthly Watchman Expositor, and once wrote 1,400 Alabama dentists about "some controversial, and in some cases destructive groups that have adapted their programs to take advantage of [the dental] business market," among them, Sterling Management. Time magazine last year called Sterling Management a "front group and financial scam" for Scientology.