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Mail // Scientology

Title: Mail // Scientology
Date: Monday, 4 September 1978
Publisher: People magazine
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As a former member of this specious cult myself, I can well appreciate the laughable attempts of Henning Heldt to affect the role of persecuted martyr as he posed wistfully in his clerical collar and ersatz crucifix. (It's not a symbol of Christianity, folks, but an eight-pointed cross that Scientologists use in hopes of appearing legitimate.)

Robert S. Napier
Bremerton, Wash.

I have been a Scientologist for five years now. I'm not a crook, I'm not crazy, and I'm not rich. What I am is much happier than I ever was before. Scientology got me off drugs that were killing me and gave me back a direction in life and a reach for the stars when I was lost in the gutters and mud of insanity. I want others —lots of others—to share what I now have. And the government wants to destroy my church. They're going to lose this one!

Name Withheld
Batavia, N.Y.

On August 15 members of the Church of Scientology—including its top U.S. official, Henning Heldt, and the wife of the founder, Mary Sue Hubbard (above, leaving U.S. District Court in Washington)—were indicted as part of an alleged conspiracy to burglarize and plant spies in government agencies, steal official documents and bug government meetings.—ED.