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Letters to the Editor // Scientology

Title: Letters to the Editor // Scientology
Date: Friday, 6 December 1968
Publisher: Life Magazine
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"Scientology—a Growing Cult Reaches Dangerously into the Mind" (Nov. 15) is the most frightening article or story I ever read! Poe should wither away in his grave.

Jan Fortune
North Hollywood, Calif.


Alan Levy entered Scientology ("A True-Life Nightmare") with the concealed intention of writing a suppressive (or exposing) story afterward. He wonders why he got to feeling guiltier and guiltier and developed headaches. I think I would have felt mighty uncomfortable in his shoes too. Is there any religion in which deceit and lying go without consequence?

Rusty Wright
Dallas, Texas


Give me a man any day anytime who thinks as his psyche allows, feels, fears, hates, loves, reacts—in other words, a man with a personality—over a sublime idiot who doesn't even know why he is happy except that he has reached a state of mind that excuses him from all problems, complexities and joys of living.

Molly Rauber
Atlanta, Ga.


I was involved with Dianetics back in 1951 in Los Angeles. After I saw trusting, innocent people fall for Hubbard's game, I came home and burned my auditor's diploma. On general principles, I don't object strenuously to con men. But where others' minds and lives are hurt, I must draw the line.

Julie MacDonald
Pasadena, Calif.


If Mr. Levy can explain clearly what his psychiatrist meant by "ego-destruction," I will he happy to explain Scientology to him.

David B. Hancock
New York, N.Y.


I am wondering which of you editors lost a puppet (in the form of a son) and failed to realize that you had gained a man (in the form of a Scientologist).

Natalie Gum
Los Angeles, Calif.


There must be some law that can stop this cult. We have a son who has completely alienated himself from us because we won't concur with their ideas.

Becky Fridkin
Pomona, Calif.


Those attacking Scientology run mental institutions. They make millions out of it. They advocate brutal, murderous actions against the insane. They are terrified of losing the avalanches of money gouged out of governments. They see Scientology taking it all away with kind, effective measures. There is no question in their minds but that Scientology works. That's why they are attacking it.

A thousand other philosophies and religions arise every year with no outcry from the madmen in charge. The hundreds of thousands of victims of the enemy, as in all fascist actions, cannot complain. They cannot even talk. They're dead.

L. Ron Hubbard
New York, N.Y.