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Barton Press gets new writ // Target is $5,000 security that Hubbard's Dianetic Foundation left

Title: Barton Press gets new writ // Target is $5,000 security that Hubbard's Dianetic Foundation left
Date: Thursday, 21 June 1951
Publisher: Elizabeth Daily Journal
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ELIZABETH — Barton Press, Inc., of Newark held a new writ of attachment today against the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation after being edged out recently by other legal claims on the foundation's property.

Matthew Grayson, attorney here for the Newark firm, said the new writ was against $5,000 cash security left by the foundation for lease of several offices here when it moved to Wichita, Kan., in May.

The newly discovered funds, Grayson said, are being held by the Caldwell Place Realty Co., Inc., renters for the offices in the Forman Building here. Grayson said Mayor Kirk, attorney for the renting firm and its registered agent, began eviction proceedings June 6 against the foundation for failure to pay rent.

A court judgment was then obtained by Kirk, Grayson said, to recover $862.33 in rent.

Lost First Attachment

Barton Press, which is seeking $2,728 for printing supplies, was unsuccessful two weeks ago in executing a writ of attachment against the foundation's office property when the sheriff's men in last minute action halted an auction because the rent claim against the foundation took priority over Barton's.

The new Barton writ issued by County Judge Hetfield must wait until the renting firm recovers its losses in rent and damage and re-rents the office space left by the foundation. But the balance of the cash securities, Grayson said, should be adequate to pay the Barton bill.

The foundation moved to Kansas after being sued for conducting a medical school without a license. The State Medical Board, which took the initial legal step against the foundation, recently announced it was going to press the action. The suit was to have opened in District Court here this month.