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Contribute to the library by helping tagging properly each item

November 2nd, 2008

The usefulness of this library is directly dependent on how convenient it is to find items according to specific keywords. Therefore, carefully tagging each item is essential. However, it is quite a time-consuming task, such that I have been slowed down from adding materials which certainly should appear in this library.

Because of this, I currently allow people to contribute in properly tagging items in this library. If a volunteer spots an article in this library which would benefit from a particular tag, he can do so with just a few clicks. Also, from now on, I will focus more on adding items which will be marked "needtotag", and which I hope will be taken by volunteer for proper tagging.

Eventually, anybody doing serious research into Scientology should benefit from this.

If I see many people volunteering to expand this library, I will create a page to list the contributors. Also, the database is made entirely available so that all can benefit from this (hopefully) collective work.

If you want to contribute in making this library more useful, send an email at xenu-directory and include the following information: A nick name which can be used to identify the tags you have contributed. I will then send you a personal key which is to be used to enable you to associate/dissociate tags with entries in the library (the key is for your personal use.)

Some guidelines about tagging:

  • What to tag?
    • Names
    • Corporation/entity names
    • More generally, if you think it would be most convenient to the user for the library to report a particular entry given a particular tag, add it.
    • If an item mentions the cost paid for the Narconon program, tag it with “Narconon” and “Cost”.
    • If an item is about, say, Narconon Stone Hawk, tag it with “Narconon” and “Narconon Stone Hawk Rehabilitation Center”.
    • For location, state/province level is ok. No need to tag with “U.S.”, but for other countries, a tag should be added.
  • What will be added in the coming weeks:
    • The ability to add tags to the list of available tags (currently, you have to reuse only the ones already defined (over 3400).
    • More stuff...

Keep in mind this is all new and I have no idea if, and how many will want to contribute at this point. There will be a page listing all those who contribute, and the only reward is to feel good helping information about Scientology to be easy to find. Alternatively, you can download the database, put it on your own website to your taste. Keep in mind though that this one here will continue to grow, so you might want to provide a link back to enable people to find an up to date library.