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Oct 1, 1964
L. Ron Hubbard: An opinion and a summing up — Borderline
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Richard G. Sipes
Source: Borderline
[Borderline Vol. 1 Number 2 October 1964] A bold Borderline personality who remains a controversial figure: From Dianetics to Scientology. Is he a sage or a charlatan? L. RON HUBBARD: AN OPINION AND A SUMMING UP LAFAYETTE RONALD HUBBARD first made news in 1950 with Dianetics, an allegedly new theory of the human mind and behavior, and one which orthodox psychologists and psychiatrists have refused to condone. He has been in the news periodically ever since. Most men of action receive ...
Aug 5, 1964
Scientology wonderland — The Age (Australia)
Type: Press
Source: The Age (Australia)
"ALICE IN WONDERLAND" is a prescribed text book for use in a training drill for scientologists. Everyone is equipped with a hat, and then has to read sections of the book aloud to others. This was one of the most recent reports from Melbourne's longest-running and most bizarre story of the year—the State Government's board of inquiry into scientology. The inquiry is well on the way to breaking all records even for such an inquiry-conscious State. It has now sat on ...
Jun 3, 1964
"Utter ignorance" of physics in Scientology writings / Doctor tells inquiry — The Age (Australia)
Type: Press
Source: The Age (Australia)
A DOCTOR told the scientology inquiry yesterday that writings by scientology leader L. R. Hubbard showed "complete and utter ignorance of physics, medical science and medicine." He was Dr. Hendrik Ithos Sydney Van den Brenk, doctor in charge of the Radiological Research Laboratories at the Cancer institute Board, Melbourne. Dr. Van den Brenk said statements by Hubbard about cancer were "quackery of the worst nature." There was nothing to indicate that Hubbard was a person capable of developing a formula which ...
Mar 21, 1964
Have You Ever Been A Boo-Hoo? — Saturday Evening Post
More: (2.5 MB), link,
Type: Press
Author(s): James Phelan
Source: Saturday Evening Post
Saint Hill Manor is a traditional old English mansion that stands behind a high gateway on a quiet Sussex road some 30 miles south of London. Its size and age—it was built in 1728—give it an impressive but faintly brooding air. Before 1959 it was owned by the Maharaja of Jaipur, and before that by Mrs. Anthony Drexel Biddle. But it is a safe bet that in all its 236 years Saint Hill Manor has never seen anybody quite like its ...
Mar 13, 1964
Mother complained of Scientology wage of £4 week — The Age (Australia)
Jan 14, 1964
Murder ruled second degree — Tri city Herald (Washington)
Dec 8, 1963
Australians look into Scientology / Ask if preclear and entheta constitute medical fraud — New York Times
Nov 28, 1963
Q.C. to inquire into Scientology; bill before council — The Age (Australia)
Sep 12, 1963
Detectives seek slaying motive — Seattle Post-Intelligencer
More: link
Sep 11, 1963
Pastor slain before eyes of horrified followers — Seattle Post-Intelligencer
More: link
Aug 8, 1963
Writ against Scientology association — The Age (Australia)
Jul 2, 1963
Our man in San Juan // Knowing how to know [Exact date unknown] — San Juan Star (Puerto Rico)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Al Dinhofer
Source: San Juan Star (Puerto Rico)
"It is unfair to consider a child—or any person, for that matter—stupid when he's merely absent mentally. The trick is to unfix that person from whatever he is focused on that has nothing to do with the realities at hand." This is the basis for scientology, which is defined by Irving Garfield as "the science of knowing how to know." The study of scientology, he adds, "involves the anatomy of the methods of communication." Scientologist Garfield is associated with the L. ...
Jun 1, 1963
Scientology --- The catholic viewpoint — Communication (Scientology magazine)
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Peter Haskins
Source: Communication (Scientology magazine)
"Change no man's religion, change no man's politics, interrupt the sovereignty of no nation. Instead teach man to use what he has and what he knows to the factual creation, within any political reference, a civilization on earth for the first time." [Signed L Ron. Hubbard] Many people interested in Scientology often ask whether or not processing or training would affect their religious beliefs. The article on the following pages by Father Peter Haskins, O.M.I., Ph.L., S.T.L. gives the Roman Catholic ...
Apr 7, 1963
Scientology claims cure, chases Reds, vexes U.S. — Detroit Free Press
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): Jack Mann
Source: Detroit Free Press
When the Church of Scientology offered last August to send its E Meter into battle against Communist subversion, President Kennedy didn't even say, "No thanks." Because this religious organization when scorned has political fury of a Hell it doesn't especially believe in, Mr. Kennedy will hear more about his oversight. In the meantime, the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has seized the E Meter. FDA, bureaucratically unconcerned with any spiritua or ideological magic the machine might work, had United States ...
Apr 1, 1963
Space-age religious sect stresses 'life discovery' — Detroit Free Press
Feb 13, 1963
Your sins and insanity — McGill Daily (Montreal)
Jan 18, 1963
Scientologists not alone in late lodgment — The Age (Australia)
Jan 12, 1963
The Miracles Isles — Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Jan 9, 1963
Scientology here worries health men — The Age (Australia)
Jan 7, 1963
'Emotion' Machines Seized — Pacific Stars & Stripes
Jan 1, 1963
U.S. Acts to Stop Use of Cure-All Device — The Evening Star
Oct 26, 1962
Education without lectures — McGill Daily (Montreal)
Jul 1, 1962
Asks Dr. Hubbard — East Grinstead Courier (UK)
More: link
Type: Press
Source: East Grinstead Courier (UK)
WEALTHY Dr. Lafayette Ron Hubbard, the "Father of Scientology" is applying to East Grinstead Urban Council for permission to build a 75-room administration centre on grounds remote from his manor house home at Saint Hill. The move follows a confidential request from the council urging him to apply for planning permission to regularise use of the manor for office and research work. At present it is only scheduled for private residential use. In the meantime, some traders in the town have ...
Jun 30, 1961
Scientology 'con game' says Conry — Humboldt Standard
Type: Press
Source: Humboldt Standard
"This is the greatest 'con' game since the pea went under the walnut," Leonard Conry, district attorney, said yesterday as he filed charges against Frank Clendon Metcalf, already in trouble with the City of Eureka for practicing and instructing courses in Scientology. The city has brought charges against Metcalf for practicing without a business license. The District Attorney's office yesterday filed another action under violation of the state revenue and taxation code. Conry contends that Scientology is a business and not ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Jul 10, 1960
Scientology // How to really dig a wall — Miami News
Type: Press
Author(s): Don Branning
Source: Miami News
Is scientology another of those weird new mental cults that pop up from time to time, or does it have real value? Staff Writer Don Branning visited the local Scientology headquarters to find out. Read his account of the visit and draw your own conclusions. Some Miamians who are seeking something — but aren't quite sure what — think they may have found it in scientology. Scientology is an offshoot of dianetics. And dianetics is a mixture of psychoanalysis and mail-order ...
Apr 8, 1960
Scientist seeks your help in his research — Garden News
More: link
Type: Press
Source: Garden News
GARDEN NEWS readers are, by now, familiar with the research work of Dr. Ron L. Hubbard at East Grinstead In Sussex. A number of the useful results he has achieved have been published in this paper—only last week we announced his claims when testing different types of soil. Now, Dr. Hubbard has asked Garden News readers to join in his experiments with him and to play their part in furthering scientific horticultural knowledge. He would like to hear from any reader ...
Apr 8, 1960
They mustn't be too warm in bed
More: link
Type: Press
I HEAR that Dr. Ron Hubbard has conducted an experiment at East Grinstead, Sussex, which shows that plants differ in their reaction to the temperature of the soil in which they are growing, despite the benefits of undersoll heated watering he described in G.N. Feb. 26. In one bed heated water, supplied from the bottom, produced a soil temperature of 85 degrees F. In this was sown a telegraph cucumber, sweet corn, water melon, and tomato plants. In a second bed ...
Mar 25, 1960
Have you lived before? Yes say these four — East Grinstead Courier (UK)
Mar 25, 1960
I was a male, born of space parents... — East Grinstead Courier (UK)
Feb 1, 1960
The Explorers Log — The Explorers Journal
More: link
Type: Press
Author(s): John Ripley Forbes
Source: The Explorers Journal
[...] Dr. L. Ron Hubbard, Washington, D.C. I am almost ashamed to give you this as a note for the Log, but it's a sign of the times: I am about to go round the world in thirty days by BOAC, having assorted lecture stops scheduled, leaving London October 31 and arriving London December 1. Just to show you how things have degenerated, I didn't realize that it would be a circumnavigation until it was painted out. Poor old Magellan. No ...
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