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Jul 13, 1989
Scientology still grabs attention — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
More:, link
Type: Press
Author(s): Bob Henderson
Source: St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Most local residents now realize that all those people in white uniforms scurrying along Clearwater's downtown streets are Scientologists, although some tourists still ask whether we have a U.S. Navy base in town. But even locals were mystified by the new outfit — black shorts with black T-shirt or tank top. So I called Bill Daugherty, a Scientology spokesman here, who said those black-attired people are part of the "estate crew." They do gardening chores and cleanup work at Scientology's many ...
Jul 6, 1989
Scientology organizations — Newkirk Herald Journal (Oklahoma)
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Dec 22, 1988
Dozens of groups operate under auspices of Church of Scientology — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
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Type: Press
Author(s): Stephen Koff
Source: St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Operating under auspices of the Church of Scientology are dozens of groups, many of them separate legal entities. Untangling Scientology's lines of organizations can be difficult; even the sect's own charts that have been used in court cases are complex. Here are some of Scientology's organizations. Flag Service Organization — The legal name of Scientology's Clearwater operation, which serves as the sect's spiritual headquarters. Before 1981 the organization was part of the Church of Scientology of California, and Pinellas County officials ...
Item contributed by: Ron Sharp
Oct 27, 1988
Drug for hyperactive children draws new fire — Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Type: Press
Author(s): Tom Paulson
Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer
The national controversy over a drug widely used to treat hyperactive children re-surfaced yesterday in Seattle, as the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry opened its annual meeting. The drug is Ritalin, a stimulant given to an estimated 1 out of every 100 school children diagnosed as having "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder," more commonly known as hyperactivity. Critics of the drug claim it has been overprescribed, sometimes with tragic results. "There are some problems having to do with the prescription ...
Apr 4, 1988
Scientology group fuels debate over use of Ritalin — Associated Press
Jan 16, 1988
Scientology: the other side — The Weekend Australian
Dec 28, 1987
Ritalin controversy / A 'miracle drug' gets closer look — Los Angeles Times (California)
Dec 5, 1986
Scientology group helps public defender by paying witness — St. Petersburg Times (Florida)
Aug 22, 1986
Scientologists way off base in blasting pedophile program — Tampa Tribune (Florida)
More: link
Type: Press
Source: Tampa Tribune (Florida)
The Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a group sponsored by the Church of Scientology, is doing a great disservice to the Florida Mental Health Institute, a state facility based in Tampa. The "human rights" commission, which works out of the church's national headquarters in Clearwater, has started a national lobbying campaign to halt a federally-funded program at FMHI that seeks to determine the success rate of both psychotherapy and behavior modification in curbing child molestation. The commission has circulated letters to ...
Apr 22, 1986
Editorials of the Sun // Scientologists and the child-molesting study — Clearwater Sun (Florida)
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Type: Press
Source: Clearwater Sun (Florida)
It is ironic that the Church of Scientology has stepped forward to object to the spending of $832,000 by the Florida Mental Health Institute (FMHI) in Tampa to study child molesters. A Scientology-sponsored group — the Citizens Commission on Human Rights — says that child molesters are criminals, not sick people. Representatives of the commission's Clearwater chapter said the pedophiles should be placed behind high walls where they can no longer rape or molest children. Well, the commission may have a ...
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